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  1. 12 Eye Candy Interior Design Renders

    May 5, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Modern Room Interior Renders

    Our interior design collection is truly beautiful. If you have any modern or contemporary indoor decorating themes, this 12 sample interior design renders pictures gallery can be great inspiration. We are present you some stunning design from talented designer named iceci3 on his Flickr images album. As a creative designer, he employs every part of way of techniques and approaches in the indoor though one element remains steady. In every one of the picture renders there is a high level of point and they are expensively fitted out, creating for various inspiring eye candy design idea. The designer also does not pin themselves down to one exacting feel otherwise set of materials. Their variety is pretty miscellaneous so if you are looking for several original ideas for your house decor then this might be a place to begin. Note that we have not limited the decorating to some particular room and the renders exposed below includes those of luxury living room, comfort bedroom and elegant dining rooms.

    Minimalist Living Space Renders

    Luxury Bedroom Renders

    Living Room Renders Picture

    Living Room Renders

    Library Room Renders

    Kids Bedroom Renders

    Family Room Renders

    Elegant Bedroom Renders

    Dining Room Renders

    Contemporary House Interior Renders

    Bedroom Design Renders

  2. 15 Spring Room Interior Design

    May 1, 2011 by newhouseofart

    spring living room wallpaper

    For this first day in May 2011, we want to give you best 15 spring room interior design pictures for inspiration. We take this spring decor collection from London, UK based furniture and fabric company called Designer Guild. This spring inspired interior idea is truly gorgeous. It’s look very comfortable and beautiful. Some spring interior photos shown here is designed by Erin which is can be absolutely would feature something that suits the season. The basics that these home interior activity are extraordinarily exuberant and they boldly represent the season which welcomes the innovative ideas. The room color palette uses classical motifs from Gustavian interiors and elegantly drawn floral designs to make an atmosphere which reflects the fresh feel of spring. Then you can take a look here…

    spring flower wall curtains

    playful spring kids bedroom

    pink romantic spring bedroom interior

    natural spring decor ideas

    gorgeous spring themed bedroom

    cute spring theme bedroom decorations

    contemporary spring decorating ideas

    comfortable spring decoration

    colorful spring room decorations

    classic spring theme decor

    classic black and white room

    beautiful spring themed decor

    artistic spring theme decor

    living room spring design smart ideas

  3. Luxury Estate, Villa Colani with Futuristic Home Appliance

    April 11, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Architecture Villa Colani Design

    Designed by Luigi Colani, the amazing ultra luxury villa indoor and outdoor decoration with best selection at futuristic furniture and home appliance can make you comfort when you stay at this place. This villa called Villa Colani located on the Majorca, Spanish Island and the architecture building design is finished in 2009. May be you have been seen on eBay classified that this house went for a cool $28 million. So, I think this luxury estate is truly amazing and NewHouseOfArt use as featured today post.

    Villa Colani comfortable retreat has each deluxe design covered from the 1,230 square feet of 24 carat gold used in the modern outdoor swimming pool and home to the remote controlled appliances, curtains and security system to the Swarovski crystal panels in the select Colani door. And there are also golden furniture and romantic crystal chandeliers accessories.

    awesome villa colani einfahrtstor

    The magnificent finishes obviously explain the residences Majorcan influence. The custom made spherical home appliances reflect Colani’s natural and futuristic forms for which he is so well-known. Villa Colani is an awesome home idea with full of gadgets, glitter and gizmos. But of the top quality and cost. The luxurious estate is a series of an innovative circular structures, connected through terraces, water features and wrapped in a package wherever the home exterior design is  use bright orange color schemes (even though it appears more taxicab yellow in the pictures gallery below.) As you can see, there is an eclectic combine of statues, blue marble columns by gilded plinths, genuine gold mosaic in the bathroom, and an ultra modern pool which abuts openly to the exterior of the home.

    The exclusive Villa Colani door, with the doors to the 5 other entrances, are all decorated with original Swarovski crystals creatively inset into the panel so that they sparkle from both the exterior and surrounded by the residence. The demanding renovation of the luxury villa was followed directly with the media in Majorca and Germany. And the highest media moment came when Colani himself visited to witness the installation of the Villa Colani entrance door.

    Can you imagine, how’s feel when you are in this house? via

    Villa Colani teil unterer pool ideas

    Villa Colani stunning spanish island view

    Villa Colani orrange outdoor paint color

    Villa Colani impression terrassenteil oben

    Villa Colani impres untere terrasse

    Villa Colani bathroom mirror furniture

    unique Villa Colani facade design

    ultra modern pool Villa Colani design

    opulent bedroom Villa Colani decor

    modern villa colani teil garage

    luxurious Villa Colani night view

    gold color Villa Colani interior themes

    deluxe Villa Colani interior decorating ideas

    cool design Villa Colani

    contemporary Villa Colani interior layouts

    comfortable Villa Colani living room

    comfort villa colani saloon design

    beautiful Villa Colani beach views

  4. Class Room Interior with Splash Color Idea

    April 8, 2011 by newhouseofart

    cool class room colorful interior design

    We bring to you new inspiration of modern school design with fun and colorful design. Designed by smith+tracey famous designer based on Australia architect that created this class room interior with a splash of color idea. A cool combination between room decor and creative furniture selection make this class room very amazing.  The driving force in the school design architectures is the well being of the learner’s. With this in intelligence the smith+tracey have come up by solutions which both connect the students and turn aside from what they would usually imagine for a school environment.

    unique school furniture design

    The class room of this school design is adaptive and very fascinating. The awesome use of color breaks up the areas keen on different zones for group work, classes and single study spaces. The color is not just used on the walls although. The wall color designs usage contains the floors contemporary furniture and even the ceilings, stepping away from the characteristic drab colors that you will frequently find in schools. The class room color decorating is not breathtaking either, being balanced through a neutral base of grey and white color schemes. I think it is very excellent to observe school designers stepping outside the box and not being frightened to seek something new ideas. As mainly parents will be grateful for their kids become more engaged the more engaging the environment creating this school environment perfect for kids and adults alike. Take a look at the pictures gallery, and click on the image to see the larger pictures.

    neutral color floor tile texture design

    modern school interior decorating ideas

    learning space fun class room idea

    decorative school interior wall design

    comfortable class room interiors

    colorful space modern school interior design

  5. Fun House Idea , Milan Hotel with Fairy Tale Interior

    March 21, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Stripe Vines Room Milan Hotel Fairy Tale Ideas

    Some time ago, we are making post about furniture Alice in wonderland, and in this day we want to show you fun house idea, make a living space such as in fairy tale. We got it from the luxury Italian Milan Hotel interior design. As many people know that Italy has forever been embraced for its multicultural activities, however what Milan City is most recognized for is fashion and design. You can take a look about this hotel decoration; it’s very unique and have amazing atmosphere. This luxurious hotel belonging to the styles of renowned Moschino, is almost certainly different with another hotel that you have seen before.

    Looking further such as a playful and fun house of fairy tales, this four story dream station named “Maison Moschino” is more than just a comfort hotel and more such as a surreal alternate reality. Every one of the hotel room design has a theme which indulges the mind with saturating your sight through sensual and illusory dream such as pictures and the most excellent part is they are the entire so unusual and fantastic! So except you are an ordinary people, you not at all be familiar with kind of experience you will find! From the wonderful glowing lamps furniture shaped in the form of a famous Moschino dress, to the cupcake pillows accessories, this hotel leaves nothing to the imagination but paints a vivid color one for you.

    I suggest to you, to visit this hotel whenever you are going to Italy, but I just don’t know how much it’s cost for one day…

    Romantic Milan Hotel Fairy Tale Furniture

    Pastry Chandelier Milan Hotel Fairy Tale Photos

    Modern Sculpture Room Milan Hotel Fairy Tale

    Modern Lobby Milan Hotel Fairy Tale Designs

    Milan Hotel Sexy Fairytale Decor Bedroom

    Luxury Milan Hote Fairy Tale Decorating

    Comfort Bedroom Milan Hotel Fairy Tale Decors

    Baked Pillows Milan Hotel Fairy Tale Design

    Antique Keys Milan Hotel Fairy Tale Decor

  6. New Small Space Living Decorating Ideas “Closet House”

    March 2, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Spacious Small Space Bedroom Wardrobe

    This modern small spaces idea of Closet House is one most creative design solution for your small room in your home. You can take a look at the video above (that we can get from Youtube) which is present how to decorate your small areas in your living room. Designed by famous Portugal designer named Consexto architects, that was selected as one of the competition winners of Arch Daily’s Building of the Year award in 2010. If you remember about the small dining room interior design post, so, we can give you innovation of new gem from Portugal that puts its 474 sqft area to maximum use. This Closet House uses a mixture of tricks to pack in more with a smaller amount. Get this entertainment room for example; this is visually the space seems pretty light weight with every units built into the minimalist wall. Do not be fooled with that though! Slide out a contemporary drawer furniture and you have a luxury mini bar design. Dim the lights slide a panel and you have a cool mini theatre. The shortage of space did not prevent the designers from taking several probabilities in the comfortable bathroom what’s more.

    Small Space Minimalist Kitchen Furniture

    Take a look this Videos:

    This is the description about this new small space living room from the architects:

    The contemporary “Closet House” architectures design rises from the need to transform 44m2 in a home thoroughly useful and livable. Has 5 small spaces, 2 of them completely ?exible and transformable with result of a displacement of a cabinet or wall, in wood with natural ?nish, which grants rooms from the living and room areas unusual sizes and uses. Likewise, all the associated automation technology makes possible that joint space, framed in various activities and daily routines. On one hand, the modern cabinet or wall serves as simple bedroom wardrobe idea, on the other side rises an extendable dining table, a mini bar and an integrated home cinema. Nevertheless, there is a passage whenever the living area become greatest, be able to access to a higher niche where the bed furniture is. This option allowed a whole perimeter area gain for storage and placement of a built-in LCD. The Closet House interior design pro?tability of space coupled through new technology was the dominant concern throughout the project plan; the small kitchen and toilet equipped with cabinets that blend and automatically glide into the wall, mirrors with monitored exhaustion, ideal for small wetlands and no natural ventilation. Every one of electronic devices, as well as natural and arti?cial lighting, are fully controlled by a home automation system applied. Energy ef?ciency guarantee was one of the most important concerns.

    Small Space Entertainment Unit Wooden Wall

    Small Pantry Interior Design

    Modern Entertainment Room System

    Interior Small Space House View

    Innovative Small House Corridor Design

    Home Office Desk for Small Spaces Design

    Elegant Small Space Bedroom Furniture

    Creative Glass Compartment Furniture

    Contemporary Pull Out Table Design

    Bathroom Interior Design  for Small Spaces

    Closet House architecture Design Plan

  7. Coolest Kids Rooms Superman & Batman Cartoon Characters Design

    February 25, 2011 by newhouseofart

    batman kids room themes purple color

    Team NewHouseOfArt editor very happy to discover something new that able to give us best inspiration. Today, we are want to share with you about kid’s room interior design idea with cartoon character themes from Warner Bros. A lot of feel which a child’s room decor is unfinished with no several arts in it! Moreover it’s a creative drawing from school that is up on the wall accessories or a couple of ton decorating ideas, the wall become a canvas for imagination! More is less by kids and keeping that in mind, Warner Bros have tied up with CIA International, to get in the coolest DC cartoon characters Superman and Batman to your children’s room. The modern and fun kid’s room furniture such as cupboards, contemporary cabinets, children beds, and study room desks, you name it and it’s available. The use of bright interior, clean, bold colors and a little subtle hue allure your kid into a far flung world of fantasy. If he or she is a batman or superman fan, these would come much suggested! Check this photos gallery:

    superman bookshelves unique design

    modern kids rom superman decor

    kids room cupboards superman pictures

    creative wonder woman kids room wall

    cool superman kids room idea

    bed furniture superman design

  8. Artistic 3D Board Eco-Friendly Design Wall Interior by Glowood

    February 25, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Contemporary Rectangle 3D Board Entertainment Room Wall

    The artistic and durable new 3D BOARD design idea from Glowood Enterprises is based in Mumbai, India is a high-quality and Eco-friendly 3D board for modern interior wall decorations. The fundamental design concept for this unique decorative board came from U.S .A. With this, we usher in the 3D era of indoor decoration. The main material is Plant Fibre which is shaped through purely physical techniques. The product features are three-dimensional relief both simple and fashionable. The -D BOARD promotes green materials with Eco-Friendly technology and through excellent production facilities. With a rising trend towards fashionable and quality lifestyles, people demand a higher standard of Eco-Friendly and personalized artistic decoration materials. The 3D BOARD meets all these requirements superbly. 3D BOARD is the elegant new material for interior and background wall decorations. It can be utilized in Business Places, Public Facilities, Cinema Halls, Bars, Shopping Malls etc.

    Purple 3D Board Wall Decor Living Room

    Modern 3D Board REd Wall Interior Design

    Minimalist 3D Board Wall TV Room Design

    Luxury 3D Board Wall Decor

    Elegant 3D Board Dining Room Wall Design

    More information you can go to the contact below:
    Tel: +91 22 25006171 Fax: +91 22 25006172
    MSN/ Email:
    Skype:  glowood

  9. Sliding Door Wardrobe Design by Carre

    February 19, 2011 by newhouseofart

    wood finish wardrobe

    These are some inspiration about designing personal wardrobes interior design for you. Its necessary must suite with your lifestyle. Carre, Barcelona Furniture Company from Spain presented to us the latest creative wardrobes design ideas that are combine with modern classic chair and other cool furnishings. By exclusive and special emphasis on sliding door wardrobes, Carre shows off its collection in high-quality light through superb photography and designer settings. The wardrobes rooms are spotlessly set with elegant color schemes, furniture and accent pieces which match the product they highlight. Generally, some very good eye-catching…I love it so much!

    white miniamlist wardrobe design

    stylish trendy wardrobe designs

    contemporary sliding door wardrobe

    semi transparent wardrobe

    red contemporary wardrobe

    modern white wardrobe interior

    modern sliding door wardrobe

    luxury wardrobe design inspiration

    innovative wall wardrobe design

    hinged door wardrobe

    corner wardrobe design ideas

    biege wardrobe interior design

  10. 12 Walk In Wardrobes Luxury Design Ideas

    February 19, 2011 by newhouseofart

    You should check this out, our new featured post today about best 12 sample walk in wardrobes interior design pictures gallery shown here. If you want to make your house looks more luxurious, you might be take consideration with walk in wardrobe room. These are modern contemporary wardrobe design collection which is combining with functional storage space furniture ideas for your inspiration. Many people know that walk in wardrobes have always been a symbol of lavishness. If you are the sort of individual that would want to stand back and rub your chin before deciding on what to wear for the day otherwise occasion, these wardrobe interiors would at least provide you various ‘room for thought’ (pun intended). More than the price reason, what goes against like walk-in wardrobes is that they get away important space from your room. Here is it:

    contemporary walk-in wardrobes interior missura emme

    modern walk-in wardrobes design missura emme

    These 2 walk-in wardrobes design is a modern elegant design from famous Italian furniture company called Misura Emme. Its really stunning design…

    wooden walk-in wardrobes interior by ferit presented to us cool wardrobes design collection which have brown and wooden design themes.

    minimlaist walk-in wardrobes design by gautierfr

    Simple, clean and minimalist walk-in wardrobes interior design presented by Gautier looks so comfortable…what do you think?

    innovative walk-in wardrobes design by komandorde

    By Komandore, an innovative walk-ion wardrobes design that may be suites with your personality life style…

    cool walk-in wardrobes interior by Mercantini

    ultra modern walk-in wardrobes by Mercantini

    luxury walk-in wardrobes design idea by Mercantini

    These 3 collection of cool and ultra modern walk-in wardrobes design idea is presented by Mercantini. This is such as dream come true…

    open room walk-in wardrobes design by ortolan

    We are discovering from the website on the internet and find this contemporary walk-in wardrobes by Ortolan

    walk-in wardrobes bedroom interior design

    Do you like such as this walk-in wardrobes bedroom design idea, get the detail information from here Walk-In Wardrobe Store

    comfort walk-in wardrobes bedroom decor by presotto

    simple small walk-in wardrobes design by presotto

    These 2 simple and comfort walk-in wardrobes design collection presented by Presotto.

    So, which one of your favorite design? Tell to us!