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  1. Spacious Step House Design in Narrow Plot Land

    September 9, 2011 by newhouseofart

    step apartment with lime and white full view

    If you are looking for architecture plan about designing a minimalist spacious house design on a narrow plot of land, may be this idea can give you an inspiration. The Step House is a modern home designed by 05 AM Arquitectura, the Catalonian Spanish architects that worked wonders by this split-level, contemporary house which employs a terraced plan in its room interiors and exterior decorations. This house is situated in a small Spanish village in Girona, the openings of the home face the north and south by means of the north facing the old village through its cobble-stone streets, and the south facing the swimming pool, green courtyard and garden, and beautiful landscape.

    step apartment terrace design

    The innovative concept of stepped floors and Chartreuse yellow shelving allocates long stunning views and gorgeous natural light, however in addition characterizes the unusual spaces of the room. The home is planned to align with the north or the south elements. The house in minimalism style able to be accessed via two entrances, the first floor, ground entrance and the lower, ground garden level that is also the car port. The car garage is a middle space which blurs the outdoor-indoor divide.

    step apartment office and stairs

    step apartment office and hallway garage storage

    Among the house basement and the main level, the Step House designer has integrated the transitional level or floor that is reserved for leisure and study spaces. The depressed zone in the center of the home lets it to have a better relation among the landscape, and the fragmented roof allocates fabulous natural light to pass through. The small kitchen, comfortable living room, and terrace are the entire positioned on the main floor. Great home architecture idea!

    step apartment office and garage

    step apartment lime and white office

    step apartment lime and white and wood

    step apartment kitchen design

    step apartment indoor outdoor divide

    step apartment dining room and kitchen

    step apartment bedroom with country view

    modern step apartment kitchen space

    minimalist step apartment interior

  2. Stunning Penthouse by Ando-Studio

    July 25, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Tel Aviv Penthouse Seating Home Furniture Set

    On the first day on this week, we are very exciting to take a look at most stunning penthouse design designed by Ando-Studio Architect which is located in Tel Aviv, Israel. This is truly beautiful home – a modern penthouse with spectacular sea view. Note the brick floor finish, the much minimalist colors (typically beige, white, and also brown), and the make use of of plush in various contemporary furniture and rugs.

    Furthermore not to be unobserved are the superb glass-paneled doors of the large walk-in closet and the roomy balcony prepared through comfortable outdoor furniture the identical color as the sea right in front of the penthouse. The wonderful Tel Aviv penthouse overlooking the sea is evidence which you able to have it all – extravagance, fashion, and luxury, with the enthusiasm of a bustling metropolis and the calmness of the Mediterranean coastline. Check this out, and tell what are you saying about this penthouse pictures gallery.

    Tel Aviv Penthouse in Israel

    Tel Aviv Penthouse Art Wall Deco

    Tel Aviv Penthouse Architecture Design

    Tel Aviv Penthouse - Master Bedroom Design

    Tel Aviv Penthouse - Kitchen and Mini Bar

    Tel Aviv Penthouse - Interior Layouts

    Tel Aviv Penthouse - Family Room Idea

    Tel Aviv Penthouse - Dining Room

    Tel Aviv Penthouse - Contemporary Kitchen

    Spacious Tel Aviv Penthouse Interior Ideas

    Modern Tel Aviv Penthouse Interior

    Minimalist Tel Aviv Penthouse Decorating

    Magnificent Tel Aviv Penthouse

    Luxury Tel Aviv Penthouse Design

    Luxury Tel Aviv Penthouse Decor

    Lavish Tel Aviv Penthouse Pictures

    Comfortable Tel Aviv Penthouse Living Room

    Comfort Tel Aviv Penthouse Interiors

    Beautiful Tel Aviv Penthouse Sea View

  3. Sophisticated Vineyard Villa Design, Portugal

    March 9, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Awesome Vineyard Villa Home Aerial Design

    Modern vineyard villa architecture design pictures gallery shown below is one of the most amazing architectural building project plans called L’AND project which can be found in Portugal. If you are the type of people that fancies owning a vineyard and brewing your own product of wine, this is the perfect place for you. This L’AND project design targets the kind of elegant gentlemen that may envy Russell Crowe in the great movie titled “A Good Year”. The sophisticated vineyard villa design project that is still under construction is a most important undertaking that includes five different famous architectural firms from across Europe. The interior designer and architects have been briefed to present a classy natural experience for the inhabitants by modern chic of architecture which reinterprets contemporary Mediterranean patio homes. The stunning villa interiors too reflect this fresh feel and deviate extremely much from the typical rustic charm home living you usually associate with vineyards and villas. The architecture designer have presented several overwhelming photos of the villa designs. Here is it…

    Modern Balcony Vineyard Villa View

    Modern Vineyard Villa House Exterior Decor

    Miniamlist Vineyard Villa Kitchen Courtyard

    Luxury Vineyard Villa Outdoor Swimming Pool Night View

    Elegant Vineyard Villa Living Room Interior

    Cool House Pool Vineyard Villa Design

    Dining Cum Kitchen Vineyard Villa Furniture

    Contemporary Vineyard Villa Interior Decorating Ideas

    Comfortable Reading Room Corner Vineyard Villa

    Beautiful Garden Vineyard Villa Outdoor Furniture

  4. Ancient Roman House Design Luxury Interior Decor Portugal

    March 3, 2010 by newhouseofart

    ancient roman luxury house exterior design

    Here is it we presented sample ancient home design picture gallery that can be your inspiration to build your dream house living. This luxury home in Portugal is very attractive and quite minimalist yet. The main idea of the design was taken from the fact that ancient Roman homes were frequently built on a square plot. The main building has a complex architecture plan and homes for a gym, bedrooms, and two big bathrooms with remarkable decor. In the outdoor there is a modern swimming pool which absolutely needed for this category of a home. The designers have tried to create the most of the land to make a joining with the interiors of the construction, leaving a view of the valley and the square that exists among the 2 bodies housing. Beautiful interior and exterior design combine with contemporary furniture which can easily create comfortable and elegant feel in whole of house.

    ancient roman luxury home living room interiors

    ancient roman luxury home kitchen design

    ancient roman luxury home exterior swimming pool

    ancient roman luxury home bedroom interiors

    ancient roman luxury home bathroom design

  5. Minimalist Comfortable Snow House Architecture Design Ideas

    February 25, 2010 by newhouseofart

    modern snow house architecture design

    Snow house design ideas is one of the perfect home architectures project plan from Nicolas Dorval-Bory which is share with us a sustainable home for winter sports season up on the hills of the Santiago – Chile. For this big house project plan, he designed with his friends Emilio Marín and Juan Carlos López Huerta for a competition organized by an aerated concrete blocks company. Here it is minimalist modern snow house design pictures gallery for our inspiration.

    modern exterior snow house design
    modern exterior snow house design

    As you know, the ideas of sustainability are more and more becoming a most important issue in house architecture design, in a situation of global warming but also exponential energy management. Sadly, it is ordinary to find that the solutions are more in the purpose of techniques onto traditional classic architectural plan otherwise in rising innovative but formatted typologies, unrelated to the context and its inherent drawbacks and chances. For this contemporary comfortable home architecture design, we especially liked to reply to these two issues that are making a fresh creative architectural typology ensuing both from a technical functioning and the characteristics of the site and program. Working with the range of aerated concrete blocks, we developed a simple plan to use in the best way this material various properties. The supporting structure of the modern home is created out of 15 cm concrete blocks, lined through a vapor barrier and 10 cm panels, with a black color waterproof roughcast coating to optimize solar gain and limit the accumulation of snow on the roof. The house roof design structure consists of wooden beams, improving inside acoustic comfort.

    minimalist snow house design ideas
    minimalist snow house design ideas

    contemporary snow house interior design
    contemporary snow house interior design

    comfortable snow house interior decorating
    comfortable snow house interior decorating

  6. Luxury Indian Art Deco Residence – Modern Marrakesh House Design Ideas

    February 23, 2010 by newhouseofart

    modern minimalist art deco house design interior

    Again! Newhouseofart.Com presented one of the most spectacular home designs in India named Art Deco House Design Marrakesh Residence. Colorful and luxury house interior design combine with artistic and minimalist furniture. The modern residence designed by U+B Architects inspired by the traditions and environment of Marrakesh. The luxury residence architectural home design which use special material like stone and wood. The materials and colors link the home to the surrounding architecture and landscape design though deep overhangs protect from the hot sun and give generous outdoor living spaces. Thanks to the climate home’s painting is in contrast with green grass around it all year long. A lot of exterior’s and interior’s design elements are fashionable craftsmanship with local artists. Decorative finishes of the house consist of: custom patterned and colored terrazzo floors, hand cut mosaic tile work and hand-wrought iron doors and handrails. Here it is best modern luxury art deco house design pictures gallery for our inspiration. -via-

    modern indian residence door design

    luxury art deco interior house design

    indian art deco house design

    colorful interior indian house design

  7. Contemporary Tree House Architecture Design California by Standard Architects

    February 20, 2010 by newhouseofart

    modern tree house architecture design

    One of the best creative home designs by Standard Architects presented by modern contemporary tree house architecture building located in a top hill in Los Angeles, California. In each room there are luxury and minimalist interior design combine with wooden furniture design that can create comfortable and cozy atmosphere. This contemporary tree house feature is 1,800 square feet of modern living space. These are particular residence design is occupied by Standard principals and husband and wife team Jeffrey Allsbrook and Silvia Kuhle. The tree house architectural can be nestled on a hill overlooking the city, but as you approach from the bottom you are ensconced in what could only be compared to a modern cave. Enclosed on three sides, by the fourth side opening up on to the city below, the tree house offers an approximately primal sense of enclosure. Both devoted modernists, Silvia and Jeff find calm in simplicity. With skillful manipulation of balance and form, the tree house designer has made a house that is elegant yet modest. The modern kitchen design opens onto the living room which in turn opens on to the terrace that is sheltered by a giant tree and overlooks the twinkling and expansive city below. Three bedrooms sit atop the ground floor. Enjoy the tree house design interior-exterior picture gallery for our inspiration. -via-

    modern minimalist tree house design

    modern luxury tree house interior decor

    minimalist contemporary tree house interior design

    contemporary loft tree house design

    contemporary exterior tree house design

  8. Modern Luxury House Design Compass Pointe Canada by Young Developments

    February 9, 2010 by newhouseofart

    luxury compass pointe house design

    Fresh and beautiful Canada home living design ideas called Compass Pointe is very great inspiration for us t build our dream house. Modern luxury house interior and exterior design combine with perfect contemporary furniture make this house more elegant and comfortable. The house property built by Young Developments Architects flaunts a neat layout made by Sean Anderson of Progressive Concept Design plan. This is large house designed for big family. In this home there are many rooms such as luxury five bedroom abode flaunts local stone, modern sandblasted fir, heated floors, open beams and floor to ceiling windows. In addition, there is a wine cellar, a modern gym room, contemporary fireplaces indoor, hot tubs and two beautiful rooftop patios. Surrounded by lots of green house garden natural views, with a contemporary interior decorating and state of the art lighting design, the Compas Pointe House sure knows how to charm. Here it is best photos gallery luxurious  Compass Pointe house design ideas. -via-

    contemporary compass pointe house living room
    contemporary compass pointe house living room

    modern compass pointe house dining room interior
    modern compass pointe house dining room interior

    minimalist compass pointe house bathroom design
    minimalist compass pointe house bathroom design

  9. Luxury Modern French Castle Interior Design by John Henry Architect AIA

    January 28, 2010 by newhouseofart

    luxury french castle exterior design

    If you are going to France, you will see some great architectural building design such this modern castle with luxury interior decorating design. One of the best house design ideas designed by John Henry Architect AIA, it was castle with beautiful and contemporary interior exterior design. Glamor residence that can perfect for big family located in France use 2,582m2. In the first floor, there are two story entry foyers with double grand stairs, luxury dining room interior, two story living rooms, and family open living space, modern laundry room. You will see some great luxury castle design pictures gallery below. -via-

    luxury french castle kitchen interior
    luxury french castle kitchen interior

    luxury french staircase interior
    luxury french staircase interior

    luxury modern french castle dining room
    luxury modern french castle dining room

    modern luxury french castle living space
    modern luxury french castle living space

  10. Modern Tuscany Barn House Design Minimalist White Interior Julian King Architects

    January 23, 2010 by newhouseofart

    tuscany barn house architecture

    Beautiful Tuscany home designs with modern and minimalist interior design presented by this Italian house. Absolutely perfect house design plan for your family to live. The house architecture designer Brooklyn studio Julian King Architects have main ideas to make house centered on a bathroom representing the womb. This house named Tuscany Barn House, modern house design concerned converting a barn turn into a residence for a retired writer. The interior decorating leads guests on a spiraling route through the construction, culminating in the minimalist bathroom. A window at one end of the bathroom’s curved ceiling forms the central point of the plan. Here it is best sample photos gallery for minimalist modern Tuscany barn house architectural. -via-

    tuscany barn house interior
    tuscany barn house interior

    modern tuscany barn house design
    modern tuscany barn house design

    minimalist tuscany barn house staircase
    minimalist tuscany barn house staircase