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  1. Solar Mobile Home Design Glastonbury from Orange

    October 14, 2009 by newhouseofart

    solar mobile home design ideas

    New innovation of mobile home design called Solar Mobile Home Design Glastonbury from Orange. Ultra modern of home designs concept idea for a person who loves hiking. English mobile operator Orange has newly offered their apparition for the tent of the future. Well yet it was just tent it might be obtained at slightest for a stylish exterior. This wonder tent completed from photovoltaic fabric able of storing solar energy. Then, through the aid of this solar energy you might charge mobile devices just place them in an extraordinary bag. The tent is prepared through LCD screen as well. Also it is extremely suitable to look for a tent in the dark or in a big tent camp. You just require activating it by sms / RFID technology and a tent resolve light up through a soft yellow light. This is the sample pictures of solar mobile photos about Glastonbury Solar Tent from Orange.

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  2. Ultra Modern Edge House Architecture Design Innovation

    October 13, 2009 by newhouseofart

    ultra modern edge house design

    Best home design photos of ultra modern Edge House architecture design innovation architect by Jarmund/Vigsnæs AS Arkitekter MNAL. Placed at Kolbotn, a suburb south of Oslo, this is absolutely brilliant ideas of home designing. The house building was pressed towards the eastern edge of the position, balanced higher than the hill on slender steel columns. The door stair rises down the hill with the house up to the plateau. It saves at the equal time the accessible characteristics of the place, making a dramatic interaction among size and situate. The compacted home interior is horizontally planned around the cut for the entrance stair. Look at the picture, may be you can get some inspiration for your own home decorating ideas.

    modern house design edge house.

    modern edge house exterior design

    modern architecture design edge home

    minimalist house edge home design

    edge house modern minimalist design

  3. Floating Apartment Design Citadel Waterstudio

    October 11, 2009 by newhouseofart

    floating apartment design citadel waterstudio

    This is the best apartment architecture building photos from new modern building architecture floating apartment design Citadel by Waterstudio placed in Westland, Netherlands. Unique and ultra modern apartment building design set to start in March 2010 on the 60 unit apartment construction that will be the first in a 1200 residence urban development named the New Water. While there have been floating houses before, Citadel will be the earliest floating development through more than 30 housing units/acre water to be shaped in Europe. The primary of six floating housing projects at the site, Citadel is a research in architectural initiative that will support architectural trouble solving through encouraging sustainable explanations.

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  4. Modern Urban House Plan Mexico City Innovation

    October 10, 2009 by newhouseofart

    modern urban house living room design

    This is best photos of modern and minimalist urban house design pictures from Mexico City. This is beautiful urban house design with elegant and contemporary design. Such as some homes in that area is extremely linked to the outer room and has fantastic landscape about it. The whole first floor has a make contact through the gardens approximately the house. Mixture of limestone, glass and steel are used to offer a physically powerful houses and smooth modern minimalist appear. Neutral colors and materials and high-tech lighting scheme inside the house hold up in difference to the sight and put in a number of stylishness. These have asymmetrical shapes special answer to the landscape. This town home is placed in Mexico City and was designed by Gomez Crespo Arquitectos. This is perfect urban home design ideas to make your dream house.

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    modern urban house design mexico

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    contemporary urban house design

    contemporary  kitchen interior urban house design

  5. Modern House Design Architecture Orange Weekend Retreat

    October 10, 2009 by newhouseofart

    ultra modern house architecture innovation

    Modern house design architecture innovation idea with minimalist and contemporary concept called Orange Weekend Retreat architect by Nuno Grande and Pedro Gadanho, placed in Carreço, Viana do Castelo. Ultra modern house architectures with uniquely and best selected exterior paint color decorating. Minimizing landscape impacts, plus skipping the legal setback, the major degree “moulds” itself to the site’s topography from side to side the cantilevered additional room of the upper floors. Inside, the white house architectural concrete’s tereotomy criticizes the walls-beams which support the fundamental interior and extend the living room design in the suspended balcony. Here it is the sample photos of modern house design architecture orange weekend retreat.

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    modern house architecture orange weekend

    modern house architecture orange weekend

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    contemporary interior decorating pictures

  6. Modular Modern Perfab House Design Small Family Czech Republic

    October 9, 2009 by newhouseofart

    modular perfab house design photos

    Modular prefab house design ideas with minimalist and modern style designed by Prodesi Architect located in Bast, Czech Republic. This is minimalist small house design for single family house living. With simply live in 80 meters functional floor space; the modular house design make best use of the purpose for its two residents through a strong importance on easy spotless explanation and the mass of the glass exterior. On maximizing the room, the house designer made the residence as a two storey construction, through an exclusive feel, placing the two building blocks placed in across each one other. The house interior design of the construction may be establishing competently prearranged room. The combination of mutually height planes gives simple step. A perceptible characteristic is the wooden interior design more than two floors that ensure steadiness of the building. This is best sample modular modern prefab house design for small family that can be your home design ideas for you.

    modern modular perfab house kitchen interior design

    modern modular perfab house interior design

    modern modular perfab house exterior design

    modern contemporary modular perfab house design

    minimalist modular perfab house design

  7. Minimalist Modular Home Interior Design Vita

    October 8, 2009 by newhouseofart

    vita modular house minimalist interior design

    Modern and minimalist modular house system design called Vita designed by MDF Italia. As we can see, the house interior designs using ultra modern design innovation. This house modular system also consists of shelves and furniture mostly white color depending on how the wealthy can make the holiday decorating may seem that we are something or other. These modules allow us to place them in different ways and at different heights as they conform to our ideas bringing much convenience and are doing that every “x” time can vary the design of the room that we decorated them. And, below the sample home modular decorating pictures Vita with minimalist style.

    ultra modern modular house innovation vita

    modular house design vita photos

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    modern modular house design vita

    minimalist modular house design vita

  8. Modern Office Interior Design Microsoft Startup Labs

    October 8, 2009 by newhouseofart

    meeting room interior design microsoft startup labs

    This is sample office decorating pictures for modern office interior design Microsoft Startup Labs, new innovation office interior design ideas. This ultra modern office designs using minimalist but luxury in concept. Beautiful look of some office interior design photos from Microsoft Startup Labs, a group on Microsoft that operational on some projects likes Collaborative Crossword, Mesh lists, Corkboard, and Crowd Vote. The group is employed through manufacturing veterans and new establishes intelligences standing by to deal with their disputes. Like the office design of Facebook decorating, the interior design of the MSL has an enjoyable and lively planning. Mainly of the office room has a lot of natural luminosity, worker desk space, and a bi-level design. The round windowed meeting room has the open conception. Upstairs, the employees might sit and relax on a chair, talk about something, though screening the ground floor condition. This is perfect home office decorating ideas for you. We hope this sample Microsoft Startup Labs Office Interior Design photos, can inspire you to build your own.

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  9. Modern Floating Ecopolis Lilypad Architecture Design

    October 6, 2009 by newhouseofart

    modern float ecopolis lilypad architecture 6

    This is sample of new innovation architecture building modern house designs for the home building future. Lilypad is a modern floating ecopolis that has great design. Create based on most important deck through three mountains, three marinas, shops and entertainment. The floating construction has been inspired with the exclusive structure of the Amazon giant lilypad. The entire set is enclosed by a stratum of planted housing in balanced green home gardens and annoyed through an organic system of boulevards and alleyways. It also features a central, artificial lagoon of composed and purified rain water that will also be used for the expansion of fauna and flora. This is best modern architecture building ideas for your inspiration to create amazing architectural building.

    modern float ecopolis lilypad architecture 5

    modern float ecopolis lilypad architecture 4

    modern float ecopolis lilypad architecture 3

    modern float ecopolis lilypad architecture 2

    modern float ecopolis lilypad architecture 1

  10. Modern Interior Design Ideas Lumina Lighting Italy Style

    October 5, 2009 by newhouseofart

    modern lighting interior design lumina italy

    One of the great Italy home interior design ideas called Lumina with modern and minimalist style. The focus point is on lighting system and chooses best lamp furniture interior. The Pearl is the most modern fresh innovation lighting through Lumina Italy, and it is shedding a little innovative, super sleek light on technique for the house. This customizable lighting system interior design is inspired through, and described after, the pearl. This best album of ceiling- and wall-mounted lamps skin easy spheres of light, balanced and hanging on barely-there cables. Place this customizable compilation independently, or in a cluster of wonderful bodies elevated higher than your lobby, hovering in chain exceeding the stairway, end to end in the hallway, or somewhere in the house for an exclusive, extraordinary appear. Ultra modern lighting system house interior design is by E. Cimini and W. Monici. This is the sample of Lumania house decorating pictures for your home decorating ideas inspiration.

    lighting lamp interior design lumina italy

    minimalist lumina lighting interior design

    lighting lamp lumina italy interior design