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  1. 10 Creative Workspaces Design for Young People

    July 6, 2011 by newhouseofart

    young workspace unit design

    A lot of inspiration about workspace and office interior design is available at NewHouseOfArt. On this day edition, we will give some ideas about young people creative workspace design in 10 pictures gallery. As we are know that young people get a lot of pleasure in the technique they set up their office room. While grown-ups regularly think that a kid’s room should provide for and nurture their creativeness, interest, and capability to focus, the space typically ends up as one which shows off the kid’s passions. As everyone has their own single tastes and wants, it would be unusual to discover two that are identical. In this set of young workspace ideas we focus on a little which sports a extraordinary innovative flair.

    young workspace room desk

    The workspace design shown here is designed by Turkish interior designer Akcalar , and famous Barcelona designer Sergi Mengot. There is available rustic workspace style to end up with a minimalist yet rugged artist’s office room. And, if you are looking at the next images, you will find modern, young person’s room, decorated through a touch of color and a contemporary workspace. These young room plans make the most of space with attaching the desk to the bedroom. The stunning vibrant colors, maybe a manipulate of Mengot’s colorful city of house, and natural light from the window, create it a cheering and lively place for young minds to work. Get your own workspace ideas, and send your design at our email!

    young workspace modern miniamlist design

    young workspace in purple color

    white and wood workspace design

    rustic young workspace interior design

    orange and white young childs workspace

    mauve workspace workspace idea

    green and beige workspace

    contemporary young workspace decor

  2. Modern Banking Headquarter : ANZ Business Office Centre

    June 17, 2011 by newhouseofart

    ANZ businesss centre move hub

    The modern office building of ANZ Business Center is designed by famous Australian architectural headquarters named Hassell. The construction is located on the Yarra River, and absolutely great place with stunning surrounding views.

    The ANZ Centre is an ultra modern architecture banking headquarters which is planned to accommodate 6,500 employees creating it the main single-tenanted commercial office structure in Australia. By means of like a great quantity of people to cater for, the construction has been intended to reinvent the traditional office interior layout. The office designers have integrated ‘hubs’, all developed for specific tasks, through every area given its own feel made by using color and provided a creative name.

    So, how about you? Are you wanted to work at here? The contemporary atrium seems additional such as a mini city than an office structure, innovative natural light filtering from side to side the quarter through comfortable cafe style seating spaces everywhere, in addition to office spaces overlooking the walkway. The utilize of bright color office interiors all over the individually named ‘hubs’ makes unique environments in that to relax, socialize, hold meetings otherwise just recharge for the day ahead.

    In conclusion we have the customer meeting room breakout space, an area wherever you can assist yourself to coffee, bask in the sunlight and get down to business. Very impressive office building!

    ANZ business centre workspace

    ANZ business centre view from atrium

    ANZ business centre play hub view

    ANZ business centre main walkway atrium

    ANZ business centre grow hub stunning view

    ANZ business centre grow and play hubs

    ANZ business centre exterior view from Yarra River

    ANZ business centre create hub

    ANZ business centre common and atrium link

    ANZ business centre client meeting breakout space

    ANZ business centre click hub

    ANZ business centre atrium

  3. Cool Pixar Office with Creative Interior

    June 17, 2011 by newhouseofart

    pixar studio cartoon characters

    Do you want to know about how is the Pixar office interior design looks like? We are very happy to found some design photos gallery from Eight Hour Day Studio Blog and Krabjiem regarding the creative interior of the most prominent animation studios in the U.S. I am very interesting with the cool and colorful idea of Pixar office. There is some unique furniture and awesome wall decor. So, let’s go to their office interiors and try to visualize what a characteristic workday would look like from a Pixar employee’s perspective. Get ready!!

    pixar shark and nemo cartoon character

    pixar office work space

    pixar office living area

    pixar office hallway entrance

    pixar office grounds

    pixar living area with art deco

    pixar light bulb and ball

    pixar hallway and reception

    pixar employee lounge room

    pixar employee lounge and game room

    pixar characters statues in hallway

    pixar characters accessories

    pixar animated characters in hallway

    modern pixar office wall art

    front pixar office entrance

    contemporary pixar office hall

    artistic pixar office lounge wall decor

    animation on pixar walls

    amazing pixar studios entrance design

    aerial view of pixar office hallway

  4. Fun Office Design of Belkin Headquarters

    May 17, 2011 by newhouseofart

    office relaxation space

    This is modern office design, very bright and has colorful design! You might be interesting with the simple idea of Belkin headquarters office interior which is look so fun and comfortable for working place. Belkin is a tech accessory product maker developed through South California based builders HBC. With a leg on each side of an office space of 80,000 square feet, the headquarters area consist of an open ceiling plan, systems functional furniture, private office room, exterior offices, conference or meeting rooms and a 7000 square feet (stunning) cafeteria and minimalist kitchen. Vivid lighting decor and cozy friendly colors provide a relaxed feel to the office. You must be interesting with some gorgeous pictures that we shown here…

    office meeting room design

    modern design belkin office

    minimalist office mess pantry

    creative office board room

    colorful office room space

    contemporary office cubicles

    clean simple meeting room

    bright office lounge room

    bright lighting board room

    bright belkin office interior

    awesome office canteen

  5. Gorgeous Space Design, Unconventional Office Interior

    April 24, 2011 by newhouseofart

    unusual meeting room design

    Look at this 12 best sample modern unconventional office design idea created by famous Russian interior designer named Stanislav Orekhov. He is much recognized for his excellent CG visualization skills in rendering life-like comfortable office atmosphere. So, on this day I like to put collectively a list of several of the pretty unusual looking gorgeous office spaces design that he has rendered. The importance is on public room “common spaces” surrounded by offices. While there is no clear suggestion on which of these actually ended up suitable actual office construction, at the moment I am presently content enough staring at these stunning office interior photos.

    unique chair office space furniture

    stunning office tennis court

    scenic open office idea

    natural office lounge plant

    modern futuristic office lounge

    green office lounge room

    grand white office decor

    futuristic office designs

    fun office play area

    classy office lounge

    amazing office interior space

  6. Yelp Office Design, San Francisco

    March 26, 2011 by newhouseofart

    yelp office workspace design

    We take it this video from famous startup blog named TechCrunch. We are very interesting about the video that showed a modern Yelp’s office interior and exterior design. A short video talk about the walk-through of local search and community site of the office is looks very amazing. This Yelp office is located in San Francisco, USA designed by the sane architect of Facebook office named Studio O+A, the miniature hub was planned to capture the start-up spirit in an entertaining manner in addition to include references to San Francisco city. We get some pictures gallery and also embedded the video in this post. You better take a look, and leave us your opinion by dropped a comment!

    The credits we given to TechCrunch as video courtesy site, and photos gallery by Fast Company.

    yelp office interior floor designs

    tech office space interior design

    modern yelp office space decor

    fun yelp office interior furniture

    artistic yelp office wall art

    The Yelp Office video is about 9 minute 41 second

  7. 20 Spacious Office Interior Design

    February 13, 2011 by newhouseofart

    If you want to decorate your personal office interior, home office even workspace – so you can take a look at this 20 sample office interior design pictures gallery which is has various ideas. There are available spacious office interior and have cool workspace computer setup. As we know, more and more public telecommuting these days, the drawing of office decorating is now somewhat which interior designers give close attention to. From time to time they are themed; sometimes they are techy ultra modern and sometimes a bit combines of two both. Study has established which a minimalist, clean and more comfortable workspace interior stimulates the brain and enhances productivity though a poorly intended one produces an opposite effect.  There is plenty of excellent and smart idea that is inspiring visuals and here are a few which fixed our fancy style.

    bajazetov simple smart personal office

    Very clean and cool office design using wooden table furniture by Bajazetov.

    personal home office library design ideas

    You may be like this creative one of office design by M2J2 is an ordinary and rustic with library room…

    innovative personal workspace ideas

    Here is it for detail closer of M2J2 workspace design…what do you think guys?

    jodimarr studio music office decorating

    Purpose for the Music lovers designed by by Jodimarr, modern office design computer setups can be pretty heavy…don’t you agree with me?

    google tech stop creative office wall decor

    You may forget the talks about recession and bad economy creating big Google search engine company to cut down on expenses, their smart office corner designs simple about never fails to amuse us. via

    grantmestrength contemporary personal office idea

    Designed by by Grand Me Strength, this office design has always been said that Mac computers have the amazing ability to create a PC setup look better as compared to personal computer ones…:)

    splorp workspace computer space design

    Modern office desig presented by Splorp, unusual office decorating with comfortable and elegant looks…nice!

    minimalist clean computer setup design

    Do you always dream such as this personal workspace office interior ? PC, Macbook, Bravia, Xbox…futuristic ideas….very beautiful one..

    functional workspace modern design idea

    This workspace design photos available in flickr. Truly functional and minimalist yet personal office. Gorgeous!

    busy funky nifty workspace design

    Dana office design with lovely wall decal ideas…

    funky persoanl work space interior

    Funky home office idea with gorilla collectibles cute accessories, images via here: unplggd

    smart spacious workspace wooden interior

    Contemporary wooden office interior looks very elegant for manager room design inspiration…Lifehacker

    cool workspace interior design pictures

    colorful fun creative workspace ideas

    alcove desk rustic home office interior design

    colourful miniamlist office desk furniture

    corner workspace desk techy design

    futuristic desk office room design

    modern home office mac design

    white black office desk design

    via: Deskography

  8. DIY Home Office Makeover Design Inspiration by Jen Chu

    February 9, 2011 by newhouseofart

    multi-fuctional home office decorating ideas

    We are discovering interesting DIY modern home office makeover design idea presented by Jen Chu of Jen Chu Design which can be found in Foster City, California. This kind of Brooklyn-based DIY home office decor project is purpose for his Mom’s home office positioned in the Bay Area. As many people know, it is regularly a challenge designing for family otherwise close friend’s room. Happily, the designer Jen Chu’s mom is super hip and is accustomed to his tearing up the home, trying out fresh and innovative decor styles. It must be comfortable, organized, and little fancy design because the home office is someplace she spends most of her time when she is at home working, watching TV, reading a book, and relaxing. While a multi-purpose room, the main challenge was incorporating closed storage space that is not ugly and does not take up floor space. So, with every furniture store from Room and Board to IKEA for pieces this fit the space completely. My favorite home office element in the room is the gray and white color schemes trimmed cabinets. The designer bought kitchen cabinets from IKEA and embellished them by himself.

    modern home office interior makeover

    home office gray white interior color

    fancy home office furniture design

    contemporary storage space home office

  9. 8 Creative Ideas Home Office Interior Decorating Arrangement

    December 2, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Art Deco Home Office Interior

    Here are 8 modern contemporary home office interior decorating ideas for arranging a creative work space which disobey all rules. Connecting professionalism through coziness and comfortable style, these minimalist home offices are all unique in approach and ensure a high-quality work impression. Some of fresh office room design feature interesting artistic decor elements like abstract paintings or sculptures. The colors are vivid, making an inviting and new work zone. Those are the reason of having decoration of a home office within your house besides. A modern home office area can be tricky, first you have to decide the way the office furniture will “atmosphere”. If you go for a homey environment, chances are you will not be so concentrated on your work, as many things are probable to draw your attention. Have a look this pictures gallery!

    Comfortable Home Office Design Photos

    Contemporary Home Office Design Pictures

    Fresh Home Office Elegant Design

    Simple Home Office Minimalist Design

    Modern Home Office Interior Layouts

    Home Office Unique Furniture Ideas

    Functional Home Office Cozy Interior

  10. 8 Creative Workspace Interior Design Idea Inspirations

    August 22, 2010 by newhouseofart

    ultra modern green rugged office decor

    Today, we want to let you check this creative workplace design idea pictures gallery as inspiration to make your own. Modern home office decor combine with functional contemporary furniture design make comfortable atmosphere in working time. Through the insurgence of folks starting their own businesses otherwise simply working out of their houses, NewHouseOfArt.Com determined it is simply appropriate which we feature some inspiring home offices modern workplace interior design to obtain your entrepreneurial spirits going. And while several of our houses are smaller than average, making workstations which work flawlessly in a room can be a creative task in itself. Here are a few workstations that ‘new house of art’ thought you did grateful for. If there was just something we could do to hide those awful inevitably exposed wires.

    modern double studio office interior

    Hogwash of vintage wooden furniture dresses this corner of a house with a display touch of idea. We love the little pops of color schemes against which white brick wall. A best furniture design collection of cool frames adorns the wall decals above this innovative desk on a few simple minimalist shelves which collectively make a sweet focal point! Storage space can pose an issue when you have a workstation exposed to the rest of the house, but these guys did a great job making it sparkle. This energetic corner is prepped and ready to work for the love of arts and crafts. So, what do you think about this workplace ideas?

    modern comfortable office frame display

    innovative framed brick wall office

    creative simple office floating shelves design

    contemporary office storage shelving

    casual studio office interior corner

    arts and crafts studio workplace