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  1. Standing Floor Lamp & Suspended Lamp Design

    February 12, 2011 by newhouseofart

    table lamp chromatic light effect

    You can use this cool lamp design idea for outdoor and indoor house decoration accessories for Valentine’s Day. These are standing floor lamp and suspended lamp furniture designed by Josep Novell and Josep Puig for B.Lux is very perfect to create romantic atmosphere. Called Jackie is a quite modern lamp furniture collection that characteristic design element of every one of them is, the innovative shade, comprising 2 concentric cylindrical elements created from methacrylate. They are together combined through means of a circular base that lets these fittings to be customized with inserting unusual types of screen, creating them interesting containers. The home interior design shown in these photos is opulence and the exterior design is transparent. Inside, you able to place a whole host of different materials, depending on which Jackie will provide out a special kind of light and chromatic effect. This contemporary table and floor lamps feature stands in cone shaped steel tubing. You able to personalize every lamp to turn into a great gift on this year Valentine’s Day 2011!

    table lamp awesome shade design

    table lamp awesome shade design

    table lamp awesome shade design

    cute table lamp flower decoration idea

    contemporary table lamp simple design

    artistic standing table lamp white black color

  2. 7 Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Collection for Him or Her

    February 11, 2011 by newhouseofart

    This a new gadget design trend that can you use as special holiday gift in this 2011 Valentine’s Day. If your girlfriend or boyfriend are a major geek, this absolutely perfect gift ideas for her or for him. Presently such as every Valentine’s Day, ‘New House Of Art’ team have gathered various cool electronic gift ideas which absolutely show the Geeky side of love. This new Valentine’s Day gift collection contains gadgets, hearts, shirts, books and a small number of more simple gift that are sure to grant some last minute ideas. Just in case you require a few additional Valentine’s Day inspiration check this here, or take a look at the previous post, if you want to make handmade gift.

    Apple iPod nano 8 GB Graphite

    ipod nano 8gb valentines day gift ideas

    The newest gadget in this year 2011 iPod Nano is small, modern and sleek and packs plenty of music with 8GB internal memory storage space worth. It is a handy and convenient gift for every music lover who is a lover of Apple iPod gadgets.

    Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS7

    Panasonic Lumix DMC ZS7 valentines day gift ideas

    New digital camera from Panasonic Company! A cool, convenient and powerful Digital camera, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS7 has 12MP and a 12x Optical zoom. It is very portable, gives fantastic action and with the color Red schemes, certainly ideal for Valentines Day.

    8 Bit Flower Bouquet

    8bit flower bouquet valentines day gift ideas

    Classic geeks able to never forget 8 Bit games, and through this flower bouquet, they could share the classic days with their loved ones. The unique Bouquet design wills not at all need watering arrives by a stand and runs. Very nice!

    USB Tulip Hub

    usb tulip hub valentines day gift ideas

    Geeky girls otherwise boys possibly will love affection, but it seems such as regular flowers are neither useful nor Geeky enough. For those only some, here is the USB Tulip Hub that offers extra USB ports on your desktop in natural colorful themes and Valentine such way.

    RED Macbook mCover® Hard Shell Case

    red macbook cover valentines day gift ideas

    Those who own a Apple Macbook Laptop and desire to decorate it for Valentine’s Day, the Red mCover creates for a wonderful accessory to add some creative color and protection.

    Ghirardelli Valentine’s Premium Chocolate Squares

    ghirardelli pink gift box valentines day gift ideas

    Ghirardelli is a perfect option for chocolate for this 2011 Valentine’s Day, and when arriving in a good-looking pink gift box color, they are even sweeter.

    Heart Shaped Truffle Assortment

    gift ideas choclate hearts valentines day

    Yummy Chocolate, Hearts and Valentine’s Day…look like a perfect combo..:)

  3. DIY 2011 Valentine’s Day Homemade Gift Ideas

    February 11, 2011 by newhouseofart

    For the special day at 14 February 2011, we love to share some idea about give perfect gift for her or gift for home. In earlier post, we are featured about romantic dining table accessories design, so we are going to tell you homemade special gift for valentine’ day for this year. We are very glad to discover from Jenny Steffens Hobick blog which tell us how to make simple and sweet DIY Valentine’s Day Flowers. Certainly, I also love to create homemade gifts.  Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays which the idea actually does count.  The holiday is right after The Holidays and I motionless have not come down from our over-indulgent Christmas season.

    Cute Burlap wrapped tulip bouquet design

    This called Burlap wrapped tulip bouquet with homemade Valentine’s Day label. To create such this cute gift, all you need is below:

    • 1 bouquet of 6-12 tulips ($6 at the store)
    • 1 square foot piece of burlap
    • 1 yard of satin ribbon
    • 1 valentine’s day label/card
    • 1 piece of double stick tape (or zot)

    TIPS: While you pick up your bouquet at the grocery store florist, request them for several water tubes.  It will help to maintain the bouquet fresh.  It is not totally essential, but it will help if they will be out of water for more than an hour.

    Sweet burlap wrapped tulip bouquet ideas

    The second Valentine’s Day homemade gift idea is Flower Cupcakes, this kind of fun and simple design is absolutely interesting. We started through a truly creative cupcake minimalist design (you able to use some recipe otherwise box that you like) and topped it by buttercream, oreos and a tulip flowers.  The tulips only cost $1 each at the grocery store that brings the grant total to $15 for 1 dozen tulip cupcakes. This is one of those original ideas which get no actual artistry otherwise skill – literally anybody able to create it and it will look wonderful. Great for kids (or un-crafty boyfriends/husbands).  The kids will have a perfect time dipping the icing in the oreos.

    creative gift flower cupcakes

    All you need to make it is below:

    • 12 cupcakes (jumbo cupcakes pictured)
    • 1 recipe of buttercream icing (recipe here)
    • 8 oreo cookies
    • 12 flowers

    You can start with pulverizing the oreos in a food processor otherwise in a big ziplock and a rolling pin.  Process or smash oreos until they are excellent crumbs. With a pastry bag, pipe buttercream frosting on the top of the cupcakes.  Place the oreos in a shallow bowl.  Dip the top of the frosted cupcakes into the oreos until all of the buttercream is covered. Place a tulip (or other flower) in the top.

    simple flower cupcakes fresh design

    valentine day flower cupcakes design

    Have a nice holiday!

  4. Contemporary Accent Table Dog Crates Design by DenHaus

    January 22, 2011 by newhouseofart

    ZenHaus is a modern dog crates furniture design presented by DenHaus. This is a contemporary accent table furniture design collection which also can serve as functional bedroom table. The unique dog crates are offered in 4 color options and 2 size variation. This innovative dog crates are presently on sale so you can buy it now for $100 off the price. You can select it if you have a small dog living at your house, you might want to give her with her very own small home. In case you have a modern interior decorating idea which house should also look minimalist and comfortable, and elegant with such dog crate that will acquire a secure and glamour place to call her own while you will get a chic and useful furniture piece.

  5. Modern Y Residence Architectures Design by Kidosaki

    February 2, 2010 by newhouseofart

    modern Y residence interior

    Modern Y residence architectures design is one of the great architectural house living design with luxury and minimalist design. Including the beautiful natural views and clean exterior design, this private residence is located on a hill with a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean. Very simple modern homes design. Kidosaki Architects Studio has designed this Japanese house style living for the big family.  This is absolutely perfect combination of contemporary furniture with minimalist white interior Japanese architectures construction design. The coexistence of traditional house and new values exceeds the borders and makes designs of the future. The only color that was added to make a contrast to the white interiors decor is a red kitchen color schemes adjacent to the terrace to assist in holding a party on the house terrace. Here it is best sample Y residence pictures gallery. -via-

    modern minimalist residence architectures
    modern minimalist residence architectures

    modern bedroom y residence
    modern bedroom y residence

    minimalist y residence exterior
    minimalist y residence exterior

    luxury Y residence design
    luxury Y residence design

  6. Contemporary Park Side Loft Redesign Interior Decor Ideas Tyler Engle Architects

    January 11, 2010 by newhouseofart

    modern loft redesign

    Park side condo house interior design by Tyler Engle Architects is very great and beautiful. When we entrance the room we can look at the contemporary loft redesign with minimalist and beautiful design ideas. Great loft interior design ideas from the interior designer that very perfect for our inspiration. The innovative designers have paid unique concentration to bringing as much natural light as probable. So, the consequence is a revamped living space through almost melting lines of separation, a rare reliable ambiance and worth-adoring modern living areas, decorated with chicly stylized furniture design, ample lighting fixtures, profuse admirals and the creamy settees. Here they are great minimalist luxury loft interior design pictures gallery.  -via-

    modern loft interior layout
    modern loft interior layout

    modern loft design ideas
    modern loft design ideas

    contemporary loft interior ideas
    contemporary loft interior ideas

    contemporary loft interior design
    contemporary loft interior design

  7. Modern Contemporary Christmas Tree Decor Home Design Ideas

    December 16, 2009 by newhouseofart

    modern contemporary christmas tree decorating

    In this post, we will share you about how to decor modern, contemporary, luxury and minimalist interior home design n for Christmas day. Some interesting ideas about Christmas tree decorating tips for our inspiration. First, you must choose the perfect christmas tree. We frequently suggest green and sustainable thinking. Consequently, our advice is receiving an artificial Christmas tree. You will be amazed of how various types of artificial trees are there and how well any of them can go with your house design. And the second is select christmas tree ornaments. The house interior lighting system should be the one that you put on the tree first, and then simply add the garlands and ornaments. There is no limitation here, it is your tree, and do whatever makes you fun. [Via]

    unique christmas tree accessories
    unique christmas tree accessories

    christmas tree ornaments ideas
    christmas tree ornaments ideas

    beautiful christmas tree ornaments design
    beautiful christmas tree ornaments design

    beautiful christmas tree ornaments
    beautiful christmas tree ornaments

  8. Modern Minimalist Swedish White Apartment Interior Design

    November 2, 2009 by newhouseofart

    swedish white apartment design

    swedish small apartment design

    swedish minimalist apartment design

    The small apartment design photos from modern and minimalist Swedish apartment interior design white decorating styles. Simple design with comfortable, elegant, and modern innovation décor makes this small apartment design is perfect house living for small family. Even this Swedish apartment is small but actually it seems large. Big windows, some contemporary furniture, all home accessories placing in the correct place; these are all things which define the minimalist theme of some Swedish apartment. And although a little would think it is not suitable for their lifestyle, it is the easy, yet sophisticated flavor which makes it unique. The one we are looking at is a 94 sqm delightful duplex apartment situated in Göteborg’s main park and recreation area, Slottsskogen. Here it is the best Swedish apartment decorating design pictures.

    swedish dining room apartment design

    swedish apartment interior design

    modern swedish apartment design

    bedroom swedish apartment design

  9. Modern Small Minimalist Office Desks Interior Decorating

    October 11, 2009 by newhouseofart

    modern apartment office desk interior

    Office room interior must be decor with modern but elegant in style to create comfortable feeling. If you have small office room, this is not impossible thing to put some small furniture. Many people look for small minimalist office interior design, and this is some office interior design ideas for you. There has to be a steadiness among comfort and design. The majority office furniture companies assist us with creating furniture that is together ergonomic and stylish. Having all black/dark interior furniture can direct a boring and sad feeling over your home office. Lighting is an extremely imperative feature of a room. Placing the floor lamps in every corner will give you through the additional light that you want. Simple and minimalist, also modern office design is very good for our life.

    contemporary office desk interior design

    modern apartment office desk interior

  10. Modular Modern Minimalist Office Furniture Design

    September 13, 2009 by newhouseofart

    leather sofa minimalist design

    This is modular office furniture design to decor your interior home office design with minimalist and modern styles.  If you are UK people you can go to the shop office furniture uk, or take a look on the internet about office furniture online that are selling this design. Self-supporting modular office furniture furthermore referred to as modern office furniture is dissimilar from cubicle or workstation furniture. The dissimilarity is that self-supporting furniture is not panel-mounted (friendly to panels). Several of the rewards of modular office furniture are: each main furniture manufacturer has their owner description of modular office furniture. This category of office furniture encourages team work and is mainly useful when staff splits files, equipmentor, and other office fundamentals.

    ultra modern sofa design

    office chair furniture design

    modern sofa furniture design

    minimalist office chair furniture