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  1. Contemporary Alemanys 5 Apartment with Simple Material

    June 30, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Unique Alemanys 5 Apartment

    Perhaps you will not be familiar with the name and design of contemporary Alemanys 5 Apartments. Because as you know that although Alemanys 5 Apartments have been covered with simple material building such as rough stone walls and exposed wooden beams rotted, but Alemanys 5 remains the perfect apartment. Because Alemanys 5 Apartments have an exceptional character of the medieval period. One 16th-century building that until this moment in mind is located in Girona, while in Spain have been waiting a very long time to meet modern innovation.

    modern spain apartments design

    Then talked about the materials used by Alemanys 5 Apartments, you should know that the material used is actually simple. Namely from contemporary materials and furnishings that add contrast, so this can give someone feel good for the interior are provided with modern nuances.

    Alemanys 5 Apartment Staircase Design

    Next talk about the architect who has created a beautiful vacation rental with full of luxury amenities without sacrificing the charm of an ancient one, so that they can make a valuable historic building is Anna Noguera. Who was able to make the house of the sixteenth century, Alemanys 5 in Girona, Spain, opposite the Plaza Sant Domenech who has been renovated into 2 luxury apartments, with juxtaposes medieval style with modern elements to gift the visitors. So that the visitors could feel the full comfort. And for these apartments feature is the presence of a heavy ornaments, which makes this place seem friendly with simple elements that adorn the walls and interior. so make them warm.

    Alemanys 5 Apartment Living Room

    So, how about your decisions now? While currently there are five apartments Alemanys, you can find beautiful in their own homes. Are you going to try to decide between a vacation rental home in the mountains or the beach? Because maybe at this time you’re looking for a house to rent in a city. For this reason, it would be better I suggest to you for next trip to Europe. Because only with $ 170 U.S. night, you can stay in Alemanys 5 new vacation rental located in Girona, Spain surrounded by a modern interior design. And you should know that Alemanys this 5 has two apartments for rent. Namely El Badiau, which is two floors above and El Jardi (whole house can be rented).

    Alemanys 5 Apartment Interior

    Alemanys 5 Apartment Garden

    Alemanys 5 Apartment Fireplace

    Alemanys 5 Apartment Decorating Ideas

    Alemanys 5 Apartment Bedroom Idea

    Alemanys 5 Apartment Backyard

    Alemanys 5 Apartment Architecture

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