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  1. Exotic Ultra Modern Volcano House Design Innovation Southern California

    October 30, 2009 by newhouseofart

    vulcano house design

    Exotic home design innovation called modern volcano house design placed in the dusty desert lands of Southern California near Los Angeles. This is a real modernist masterpiece which sits on top of a small volcanic peak. These house designs has unique and also ultra modern with comfortable design. Truss beams and heavily laid real formed the desert dome that radiates a sort of tongue in cheek brutalism that screams 1960s American modernism both interior and exterior. Here it is the best sample desert house design photos from exotic ultra modern volcano house design innovation in southern California. [Via]

    volcano house top of hill

    volcano house exterior design

    volcano house design interior innovation

    ultra modern volcano house design interior

    mountain volcano house design

    modern volcano house

    contemporary volcano house design