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  1. Modern 3 Level Home Design, Sideris House Greece Architecture

    December 5, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Luxury Sideris House Residence Design

    Architectures by Christina Zerva Architects, this contemporary home architecture Sideris House located in a suburb of Larissa, Greece has beautiful interior decoration. Modern 3 level home architectural plans was constructed through steel material for its sustainability design, refurbishment, recyclability and re-usability. Sideris House high-quality metal ladder sculpture offers an important role in home structure on top of and above the practical function. Unique house high ceiling designs help to extend the elegant staircase to the maximum. Planned lighting scheme emphasizes the form of steps and quality ingredients. Configuring multi-flight stairs that combines a series of steps and rest areas, building facades and dominate the space. The building is comprised of various volumes that play with space. Check this Sideris House interior and exterior facade pictures gallery.

    Innovative Sideris House Outdoor Stair

    Elegant Sideris House Interior Decorating

    Contemporary Sideris House Facade Design

    Sideris House Home Entrance Decoration

    Sideris House Modern Kitchen Design

    Sideris House Minimalist Home Interior Design

    Sideris House Creative Section Idea

    Sideris House Architectures Plan

    Sideris House Architecture Design Plan