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  1. Modern Living Room Design Layouts Ideas Minimalist Styles

    November 9, 2009 by newhouseofart

    contemporary living room design layouts

    Best modern and minimalist living room design layout that can be your inspiration to remodeling your bathroom interior decorating.  Designed by Paco Alcalde and Kiko Moreno, this living room design has beautiful and elegant styles.  Combine with wooden contemporary furniture set can create comfortable atmosphere in your room.   A fusion of various furniture stuff, bold, or else classic colors, wooden finishes but also lacquered one, these arrangements look like to have not anything in ordinary excluding for a modern feel and a lofty quantity of style. Here it is best sample living room decorating pictures with ultra modern interior design to create your fresh home decorating ideas.

    contemporary living room furniture design

    minimalist living room  furniture design

    minimalist living room design layouts

    minimalist living room interior design layouts

    modern living room design layouts

    modern living room furniture design

    wood living room furniture design

  2. Beautiful Loft House Interior Design Contemporary Furniture Set

    November 1, 2009 by newhouseofart

    modern minimalist loft furniture

    If you are wan to decorate your loft interior design, you should look at the some beautiful and modern loft house interior design pictures with contemporary furniture set. Hopefully you can get your home interior decorating ideas with your fresh and innovative design. Characteristically, a loft is positioned at the top of an ordinary construction. Consequently, loft interior designs have to give watchful reflection to light and the capability of the arrangement to give fine views and present a perspective on the space. In every probability, in the collection of ideas for a loft interior design scheme, there will be small or no reflection concerning window covering. The spotlight will be mostly on given that the greatest arrangement of the furniture to manage to pay for the most excellent existing views.

    loft compact desk interior furniture

    contemporary loft interior design

  3. Best Modern Bedroom Interior Design with Furniture Trends

    September 27, 2009 by newhouseofart

    modern bedroom interior design pictures

    When you want to decorate your master bedroom, you must consider about what are the furniture set in your bedroom. Modern bedroom furniture set in an ideal contemporary master bedroom has to be comfortable with designer styling. The contemporary furniture set is made up of some shelving components and modular systems planned to give feature, comfort, and flexibility to improve some master bedroom or contemporary interior room design. The bedroom furniture set that pursues is the mainly modern and minimalist furniture. Setting up the feel through the assist of the bedroom lighting creates the bedroom a perfect place to rest our body.

    modern bedroom furniture set

    contemporary master bedroom design

  4. Modern Chair Design the i2i IDEO and Steelcase

    August 21, 2009 by newhouseofart

    Do you need furniture for your home house interior decoration? We suggest you to buy modern chair furniture design by i2i IDEO and Steelcase. Why? This contemporary design of the chair looks beautiful and comfortable. Steelcase, the producer of the i2i Modern Chair Furniture, which was launched at the 2008 NeoCon tradeshow, has publicized that i2i Modern Chair Furniture will finally be offered in March 2009.

    What is the design looks like? I say this design is contemporary furniture style. The chair design is very elegant and comfortable for office room or you can place it in to your living room.

    modern chair furniture simple design

    modern chair furniture simple design

    The much predictable chair was urbanized during the cooperation among design consultancy IDEO and the Steelcase Design Studio.

    From IDEO:

    In researching the needs of a growing number of collaborative settings, Steelcase identified an opportunity at the intersection of task and lounge seating. IDEO was engaged to physically exemplify this opportunity space with a chair that promotes movement, provides long-term comfort through automatic and intuitive adjustments, and supports multiple postures.

    Working closely with the Steelcase Design Studio, the team pursued an idea for a chair free of mechanical adjustments that would automatically support body movements, allowing users to focus on the people around them and the tasks at hand.

    Named for the collaboration it enables, the i2i chair supports a variety of postures, including sideways, reclining, perching, and leaning. i2i has a dual swivel mechanism that allows users to swivel the seat and back independently. In doing so, users are able to maintain eye contact while changing postures and, thus, stay engaged.

    modern chair furniture white simple design

    modern chair furniture white simple design

    contemporary office room with chair furniture

    contemporary office room with chair furniture

    double chair furniture for home interior

    double chair furniture for home interior

  5. Contemporary Remodel and Decorating Ideas

    August 14, 2009 by newhouseofart

    This is all about contemporary remodel and new decorating ideas for home house to make perfect and comfortable home. We want to share our favorite design ideas especially when it is contemporary or modern home house design.

    contemporary home plan

    contemporary home plan