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  1. Contemporary Stone House Exterior Natural Wood Interiors Appeal Design

    December 27, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Wooden Stone House Architecture Design

    Based in Oregon, Litmus an architecture firm conducted an impressive contemporary house design renovation of a unique stone house exterior, a creative home gardener, leaving intact their original landscape and the relocation of the main entrance. An external stone house entrance welcomes residents and visitors, inviting them to this kind of paradise for nature lovers. Both inside and outside, natural wood interior decorating and stone house element are the predominant materials, giving this design a strong style innovative log cabin home, but in a refined way.

    Minimalist Stone House Kitchen Interior

    This contemporary cottage home and stone house design also boasts stylish exterior walls that evoke feelings of being outdoors, even in the interior. The center of this house is a rustic cabin minimalist kitchen, classic dining room and elegant living room, which leads to an outdoor living room – all combined in a comfortable meeting room design. A large natural stone clad fireplace, add an extra touch to this “home – house “, doubtless a very friendly atmosphere.

    Home Entrance Door Stone House Furniture

    Creative Home  Facade Stone House

    Cottage Home Interior Stone House Ideas

    Comfortable Living Room Stone House

    Classic Stone House Dining Room

  2. Clad Wood Cutler Residence Vacation Home Design by Murdock Young Architects

    December 10, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Wooden Clad Home Design - Cutler Residence

    A contemporary beach house year round vacation home named The Cutler Residence is designed by Murdock Young Architects with a modern minimalist impact on the pristine stunning landscape architectures. This luxury residence design features spectacular beautiful natural views of ocean surroundings which are very calm, comfortable and relaxing. The house yard features a large outdoor swimming pool, so home owners could come back from a vacation with an ideal tan. The Cutler Residence shape of the residence and its room interior decorating create it look modern and clean. The vacation house’s exterior is clad in textured wood panels and consists of a lot of large windows. It is perched on a bluff overlooking Block Island Sound so these views mostly feature waters of the Atlantic Ocean and woods. Check this design pictures gallery. Murdock Young Architects

    Wonderful Natural House - Cutler Residence

    Unique Shape House Facade - Cutler Residence

    Traditional Chair Sofa Funriture - Cutler Residence

    Stunning Exterior Design - Cutler Residence

    Modern Outdoor Swimming Pool - Cutler Residence

    Modern Kitchen Island Decor - Cutler Residence

    Innovative Home Vacation Architecrture - Cutler Residence

    Glass Exterior Design Architectural - Cutler Residence

    Elegant Master Bedroom - Cutler Residence

    Craetive House Gate Design - Cutler Residence

    Contemporary Dining Room - Cutler Residence

    Comfortable Bedroom Interior - Cutler Residence

    Clean Minimalist Bathroom - Cutler Residence

    Amazing House Ocen Views - Cutler Residence

  3. Modern Modular Malaysia Eco House Design Pictures

    December 1, 2009 by newhouseofart

    modern modular house

    Amazing home architecture design images which present from the modern modular eco house design. This modular home design located in Malaysia architects by Broadway Malyan. Beautiful summer house designs idea which you can assemble near to the seaside in the mountain when the winter comes. The modern residence design become into the architecture design plan for South East Asia’s first carbon zero house. Prefabricated in modules, the home is not only maintains costs down it also lets for a quick construction otherwise deconstruction development. Featuring deep projects which present shade, open, flexible interior spaces design to accommodate several of uses, a greywater system to recycle water and a green roof garden through a rainwater capture scheme for irrigation, I can inform for sure we would not mind living in such an eco house design. Here it is best sample modern modular eco house design photos gallery for our inspiration to build elegant, comfortable, luxury and contemporary home design. [Via]

    green modern modular house
    green modern modular house

    modular house design ideas
    modular house design ideas

    modern modular house malaysia
    modern modular house malaysia

  4. Classic House Contemporary Home Design from OSKA Architects

    November 7, 2009 by newhouseofart

    minimalist classic house design

    In the modern house trends era, OSKA Architects designed new home with classic and contemporary style.  The outpost was created by Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects; Oska Architects is a house and studio or laboratory for the manufacture and viewing art in the isolated and rocky landscape of lofty desert Central Idaho, USA. A vital feature of the multifaceted is sheltered “The Garden of Eden”, that is divided from the untamed landscape through broad material walls. The materials used in the construction of house Outpost, containing existing building block, car decking and plywood, need small or no protection, and are able to withstand excessive weather environment which distinguish the four seasons of the desert. This is pretty amazing classic home design contemporary house styles. And, here it is the best sample classic home design photos by OSKA Architects as your home design ideas. [Via]

    living room classic house interior design

    classic house design OSKA architects

    contemporary classic house design

    contemporary classic home design

    classic house  interior design

  5. Small Contemporary Artistic Wooden Tiny Tree House Design

    October 27, 2009 by newhouseofart

    artistic interior house design

    Beautiful small house designs with wooden contemporary home design ideas. This is about tiny tree house design by Steve from Green Line Architects. Wooden tree house design usually for meditations and relax our body in, characteristic a thoughtful breathing space for family of all ages excluding its furthermore relaxed for adults. The artistic tiny tree home design is very perfect for couple because it can make a romantic feel in evening or in the morning. The wooden wall decor creates the dramatic sense and warm at whole of the house. According to me, this small tiny tree home design looks like house on the epic film. And, here it is the best of small contemporary artistic wooden tiny tree house design pictures for your own home design ideas inspiration. [Via]

    artistic tiny home design

    contemporary artistic house design

    tiny tree contemporary home design

    tiny tree wooden home design