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  1. Contemporary Natural Kitchen Design Handle-Less Vao by Team7

    July 2, 2010 by newhouseofart

    contemporary wooden kitchen

    Vao contemporary kitchen design idea was newly presented on Eurocucina 2010 is designed by Sbastian Desch for Team7. It is continues. The line of Team7’s modern kitchens made of pure natural wood materials and features similar to them simple and elegant kitchen decorating forms. The vao creative kitchen design worktop is available in natural stone, quartz or compact high pressure laminate. The new handle-less design of the Vao kitchen is one more cool and artistic work by Team7. The areas fronts of the kitchen island with a re-entrant base at the sides come with a delicate mount to make a sense of lightness and bring out the beauty of the wood. This luxury kitchen interior elegant framing is also continued in the kitchen units and in the upper and middle cupboard areas. The fronts are available in 7 different types of wood, each of which brings a different air to the room thanks to their special character. The room interior drawer fronts are 21 mm thick, emphasizing the character of this natural wood and, in combination with the visible end-grain wood at the sides, enhancing the feel of this sensual material every time a drawer is opened. Here is it best sample natural kitchen interior design pictures gallery for your dream cooking areas decorating inspiration. -via-

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  2. Modern Marin County Kitchen Interior Design Pictures Gallery

    April 23, 2010 by newhouseofart

    modern marin kitchen interior design

    This modern country kitchen interior decorating idea is purpose to help a young couple family to remodeling or renovate their old kitchen turn in to new kitchen with minimalist contemporary design. Designed by Thomas Wold and Sheryl Drinkwater also Brad Charlstrom built in 2009 in the small ranch house architecture stylish home from the 1950s located in Marin County. The kitchen interior maker and also the homeowners designing a new innovative look and function of the kitchen, as well as fabricated and installed the new casework. The big kitchen island decor integrates seating so the room might be conducive to casual eating and socializing. Generally, the customer wanted a youthful atmosphere, so the kitchen architecture designer settled on a soft palette of two solid colors (white, and brown) to complement the uniformed Anegre veneers plus a neutral white Caesar Stone counter. The yellow color schemes on the home office cabinets are only seen in this area to note it is creative function. The beautiful part of this kitchen design is a luxury dining room that is combines with contemporary furniture design placed near cooking area. Here is it best sample modern Marin country kitchen pictures gallery for inspiration. -via-

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