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  1. Contemporary Korean Home Design Luxury Styles Nak Sung Hun House

    November 8, 2009 by newhouseofart

    wood korean home design interior

    Most of beautiful Asian home design is Nak Sung Hun house designed from Korean Architect HyoMan Kim. The modern contemporary design concept is perfectly combined with luxury wood furniture set.  Located in GuMiDong, BunDang, SungNam, Korea this house design can be our inspiration to build Asian house decorating styles. Constructed on 608 square meters locale Nak Sung Hun house has an astounding exterior and interior design, the arrangement of this house bold, sharp, approximately sculpture like in its composition. It has comfortable outdoor areas through a park which is flanked with the central house and its visitor home interacts with the open framed wall that functions as charming outline and landscape determining component. The interior design produced a personal and warm feeling, a beautiful house interior decorating unbreakable through the slatted metal nature from the roof constant as an inflection to the walls decoration and ceilings. Here it is best sample contemporary Korean house design pictures with luxury styles. [Via]

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    modern korean house design

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    minimalist korean home design

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    contemporary korean house interior design

    contemporary korean house design

    contemporary korean home interior design