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  1. Best Ice Hotel Artist Suites Interior Design Arctic Vacation Pictures

    August 14, 2010 by newhouseofart

    ice hotel stunning exterior design architectural

    When we take a look at these hotel interior design ideas, it is very wonderful and cool hotel room art deco. The luxury ICE HOTEL is situated 124 miles north of the Arctic Circle in the small village JukkasjÀrvi that has only 1,000 inhabitants. There are 32 artist suites formed, so you can decide to stay, to snuggle with your significant other, within the ICE HOTEL. This unique house vacation never stands still, shifting from frozen solid to a free flowing river, and back, throughout a year. It begins as crystal clear ice harvested from the Torne River in March. Artists carve these two ton ice blocks into sculptures and a hotel. You should be checking this out Ice Hotel interior design pictures gallery.

    memories paradise suite hotel room

    Many people prefer to vacation on white sandy beaches and under hot tropical sunshine. A lot of people desire cold weather vacations for skiing. For amazing truly different, an individual might try a visit to a innovative hotel built of ice and snow in a land of Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun. Made with imagination and hard work, the art is contemporary, only to melt away under the unforgiving rays of the sun come springtime. Image credit: via

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