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  1. Tropical Villa with Neutral Color Design

    April 11, 2011 by newhouseofart

    modern tropical villa pool design idea

    As we are posted before about villa design, this second inspiration also regarding contemporary tropical villa architecture design of Casas del Sol. As many people know that having decorate house in the tropic countries in not an easy thing to do. There is a lot of element to be considered. To me, this villa design is such as a luxury VIP resort with great environment views. Almost the purpose for people who want to make a house living or villa in the tropical country is to make a place for relaxation or rest at weekend day. Because of hot climate and lots of sun and ocean able to create such villas an island of paradise.

    minimalist tropical villa toilet design

    This gorgeous villa architecture is using neutral color idea to decorating the interior and exterior space. And, if you take a look detail about the villa furnishing there is available elegant and modern furniture that seem such it invites you to sit down and calm down. The Casas del Sol villa characteristic design feature of a unique arrangement of contemporary interior through the local exotic. The fantastic coffee table created from a piece of local wood provides personality to the place. The innovative chairs and table are also created from the local solid wood material. Jalousie all over the place hides the home owners from the redundant sun. If you ask for my opinion, I think the villa interior is truly fantastic for spending your holiday at the beach.

    Via: nata shatalova

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    natural tropical villa open plan dining room

  2. Italian Wooden Villa Hunting Fan by Vsevolod Sosenkin

    March 3, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Unusual Wooden Villa Architecture Design

    Contemporary Italian wooden villa architecture design style can be found near Moscow, Russia. Unusual villa designed by Vsevolod Sosenkin and its named hunter’s place by the interior designer. The villa of hunting fan created with best combination a style of a luxury Italian villa by chalet approach and the architect managed to do that in a very innovative way. The modern fireplace furniture is decorated with gorgeous ornaments reminding of Renaissance. The villa living room is also decorated through some moose’s heads and there is a bear’s skin on the floor as hunting is the hobby of the head of the family. The view from every one of the windows is fantastic and the swimming pool seems like it merges with the surrounding nature. The comfortable villa bedroom is decorated in the style of Provence, France. Thanks to that remarkable design the villa has its own face and will impress every guest. To me it’s such as classic and traditional house living. via

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  3. Modern Art Home Contemporary White Villa Design

    January 11, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Stunning Villa VH Minimalist Entrance Design

    Welcome again with new modern villa architecture design inspiration from us. Today, we are very glad to present you this contemporary white villa interior design, luxury art home deco designed by Vasily Kandinsky. She is a famous Russian artist and art theorist. This beautiful villa design by Beel and Achtergael Architectshave exterior decorating ideas which is give privacy from the road and does not arrange you for the openness, clever use of unique and innovative shape and size, nor the resulting tranquility which awaits through the minimalist doors furniture.

    Simple Contemporary Villa VH External Dining Room

    The dream house villa architectural ideas that balanced relationship among modern architecture and an comfortable villa interior design using creative iconic chair furniture, dramatic art pieces and a white color scheme surrounded by and out truly provides this house a warm sense, it very much invites you to come in, sit down, forget about the world outside the front door and relax. An elegant reflection pond and minimalist plantings design complement this striking villa architecture. Through simple splashes of color used sparingly even the inhabitants become central points. Decorative light interior is an integral architectural feature with huge glass walls and windows dominating the internal courtyard design idea highlighting the open space that flows seamlessly from inside to out. Check this pictures gallery. More information here

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    Amazing Villa VH Contemporary Outdoor Pool

  4. Contemporary Villa Design Miami Beach with Luxury Style

    November 2, 2009 by newhouseofart

    contemporary villa miami beach

    When planning for this contemporary viila design in the best place of Miami Beach, each comfort and luxury has been measured to create vacation in a villa the mainly exclusive, comforting, and unique experience you have forever enjoyed. For the private holidays, this Villa design is perfect to enjoy in a moment with your family. Mainly of the villas have separate bedrooms, plasma television, wireless internet, full kitchens, luxury bathrooms, dryer, washer, and swimming pool. This is best modern contemporary villa design with luxury style in Miami Beach photos. For more information about this villa, you can visit the site:Oppenheim Architecture.

    miami beach villa design

    luxury villa design miami beach

    interior design villa in miami beach

  5. Luxury Moroccan Villa House Design Contemporary Beautiful Outdoor Pool

    October 31, 2009 by newhouseofart

    moroccan villa interior design

    Beautiful house architectures building located on Palmeraie , Marrakech called Mansion Dar Maghza is perfect villa for private holidays. This luxury Moroccan villa house design has contemporary styles complete with modern and luxurious outdoor pool. These luxury and large Moroccan villa designed by Habib BerdaÏ and decorated by Gil Dez. Use large spaces to build the villa on approx 1200 square meter areas. The assets includes main villa, solar cells for warm making and personal terrace for comforting , and pool home right next to a 20×8m swimming pool and staff house. Dar Maghza villa is completely prepared and ornamented through the most excellent material.  I love this villa house design, especially the outdoor pool design, because it is looks minimalist but luxury in design. Here it is the Luxury Moroccan Villa House Design Contemporary Beautiful Outdoor Pool pictures. [Via]

    moroccan villa house design

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