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  1. Contemporary Minimalist Desert House Design

    October 4, 2009 by newhouseofart

    simple desert house design photos

    Lloyd Russell has designed contemporary and minimalist desert house design in Pioneertown California. I think this is best and simple desert home design with elegant and modern styles. The house was created by using durable and recycled materials as well as a famous steel canopy which shelters and shades the house. Desert is a burning zone, so the designers have to make some ideas to stay the temperature down within the home through the canopy. While the sun hits the canopy, some of that heat is reflected back into the sky while the rest is absorbed by the canopy. And because there is a wind buffer, the design makes a cooling system to maintain the home comparatively out of the sun and cold. It is an extremely easy life, so you want it to be attractive simple structural design. Here is the sample house designs photo of Contemporary Minimalist Desert House Design architect by Lloyd Russell.

    modern desert house design

    minimalist desert house design

    contemporary interior desert house design

    contemporary desert house design

    concept desert house design