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  1. Modern Small Apartment Cozy Interior West Stockholm NY

    February 27, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Artistic Small Apartment Wall Decor

    This modern small apartment design can be found in Bromma, west Stockholm, New York city. Using about 80 square meters, this stunning house apartment idea is occupied by a young couple with 2 children’s. Each part of the apartment room interior decorating has a personal story, opening with the artwork wall design which can be found all over the apartment building and finish with a personalized footprint right at the door design. The couple reserved the old door furniture’s and parquet flooring and decisive to salvage what they can from the former house and renovate according to their style and taste. The yellow brick villa color schemes from the early 1960s shelters the comfortable rooms in that the family finds time to come together and take pleasure in the balanced cozy interiors. Found on Skonahem, the small minimalist apartment conveys a feeling of a well maintained and moderately paginated innovation. Mixing vintage color elements and contemporary accents, the house ended up looking such as an extraordinarily personal space. The blinds in the elegant master bedroom have lines from the movie Annie Hall and dark colored walls complement the unique staircase, making an artistic style filter for the decorating elements. New House Of Art team want to share with you some pictures gallery for your inspiration. Here is it…

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