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  1. Contemporary Mini Staircase interior Design for Urban Living

    December 25, 2009 by newhouseofart

    contempprary staircase interior design ideas

    Mini Plus is one of creative staircase interior design from famous Italian interior designer from Misterstep. They developed quaint and conservative contemporary staircase design with unique and really suited to urban house living. In this staircase pictures gallery below, Mini Plus staircase design is very charming and perfectly can suit with your modern home interior décor design. As you can install it by yourself and buy a kit to customize its design for whatever your purposes are, it’s simple and easy to adaptable for lots of spaces and I can even see the more creative do-it-yourself-errs out there using the modular elements as artistic bookshelves or attractive walkways for loft spaces. Visit the staircase designer site for more detail, and take a look some modern, contemporary, and minimalist interior design ideas from them.

    contemporary minimalist staircase design
    contemporary minimalist staircase design