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  1. Yelp Office Design, San Francisco

    March 26, 2011 by newhouseofart

    yelp office workspace design

    We take it this video from famous startup blog named TechCrunch. We are very interesting about the video that showed a modern Yelp’s office interior and exterior design. A short video talk about the walk-through of local search and community site of the office is looks very amazing. This Yelp office is located in San Francisco, USA designed by the sane architect of Facebook office named Studio O+A, the miniature hub was planned to capture the start-up spirit in an entertaining manner in addition to include references to San Francisco city. We get some pictures gallery and also embedded the video in this post. You better take a look, and leave us your opinion by dropped a comment!

    The credits we given to TechCrunch as video courtesy site, and photos gallery by Fast Company.

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    The Yelp Office video is about 9 minute 41 second