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  1. DIY Home Office Makeover Design Inspiration by Jen Chu

    February 9, 2011 by newhouseofart

    multi-fuctional home office decorating ideas

    We are discovering interesting DIY modern home office makeover design idea presented by Jen Chu of Jen Chu Design which can be found in Foster City, California. This kind of Brooklyn-based DIY home office decor project is purpose for his Mom’s home office positioned in the Bay Area. As many people know, it is regularly a challenge designing for family otherwise close friend’s room. Happily, the designer Jen Chu’s mom is super hip and is accustomed to his tearing up the home, trying out fresh and innovative decor styles. It must be comfortable, organized, and little fancy design because the home office is someplace she spends most of her time when she is at home working, watching TV, reading a book, and relaxing. While a multi-purpose room, the main challenge was incorporating closed storage space that is not ugly and does not take up floor space. So, with every furniture store from Room and Board to IKEA for pieces this fit the space completely. My favorite home office element in the room is the gray and white color schemes trimmed cabinets. The designer bought kitchen cabinets from IKEA and embellished them by himself.

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