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  1. Artistic 3D Board Eco-Friendly Design Wall Interior by Glowood

    February 25, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Contemporary Rectangle 3D Board Entertainment Room Wall

    The artistic and durable new 3D BOARD design idea from Glowood Enterprises is based in Mumbai, India is a high-quality and Eco-friendly 3D board for modern interior wall decorations. The fundamental design concept for this unique decorative board came from U.S .A. With this, we usher in the 3D era of indoor decoration. The main material is Plant Fibre which is shaped through purely physical techniques. The product features are three-dimensional relief both simple and fashionable. The -D BOARD promotes green materials with Eco-Friendly technology and through excellent production facilities. With a rising trend towards fashionable and quality lifestyles, people demand a higher standard of Eco-Friendly and personalized artistic decoration materials. The 3D BOARD meets all these requirements superbly. 3D BOARD is the elegant new material for interior and background wall decorations. It can be utilized in Business Places, Public Facilities, Cinema Halls, Bars, Shopping Malls etc.

    Purple 3D Board Wall Decor Living Room

    Modern 3D Board REd Wall Interior Design

    Minimalist 3D Board Wall TV Room Design

    Luxury 3D Board Wall Decor

    Elegant 3D Board Dining Room Wall Design

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