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  1. Green Energy Stay Grounded Underhill House Architecture Design, Materica Studio

    October 17, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Eco-friendly Stay Grounded House Architecture Ideas

    Designed by Materica Studio, this modern green house architecture design ideas with beautiful landscape architectural project called Stay Grounded is excellent Underhill house located in Ferrara, Italy. House area is about 202.68 sqm that does not get a bite out of the Earth we live on. A natural green house energy hill here is one connected to two homes and covered through photovoltaic cell panels and microaeolic generators. These hills let the residences to be typically otherwise totally energy independent. This minimalist but luxury house lowered into the ground, one where each square meter used to build the inner space of the home is particular back to the Earth in the form of perimeter walls and green roof and home garden. Light and air cannons make natural ventilation indoors the home. Multiple of these homes can be construct within rock-throwing distance, two houses with one green energy hill.

    White Stay Grounded Minimalist Hill House

    In the house interior design (you can see at this sample pictures gallery below) there are airy, comfortable and elegant decorating ideas. Inside the Underhill houses there is also geothermic systems buried underneath the house floors allowing opening of water and/or air at a constant temp of 18/20 Celsius and also enabling a consistent lowering of the energy needs to control the climate. It’s a fantasy of energy saving and forward thinking eco-friendly details, the likes of that are essentially never ending. If you want to know more information about this Stay Grounded Underhill House project plan visit Materica Studio official website.

    Top View Architectural Stay Grounded House

    Stay Grounded House Architectures Design Plan

    Green House Stay Grounded Hill Home Exterior

    Garden Stay Grounded Modern House Design