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  1. Ekokook Futuristic Kitchen Design Eco-Friendly System Concept by Faltazi

    October 7, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Ekokook Futuristic Kitchen Design Concept

    Look at this 7 kitchen design photos gallery! This modern futuristic kitchen design is almost perfect with eco-friendly system which able to reduce ecological footprint and improve the earth’s environment. Designed by Faltazi this is a cool creative kitchen concept that is can complete water and waste management system which takes an innovative shift to the unusual storage space and processing of waste and liquid in your kitchen room. Called Ekokook, this smart kitchen design layout has machines which use a small steel ball to break glass for the reduction of waste, a shredder to shred paper then turn it into briquettes, and an endless screw to crush cans and water bottles. Built-in modern double sink furniture through a water reservoir and two pitchers which collect kitchen water assist you to recycle clean water with using it to water your flowers and plants. A filter also comes with the minimalist kitchen design, allowing removing unclean particles. The ultramodern Ekokook kitchen cabinet system will actually take a healthy life and appealing transform to your kitchen as well as the community and world around you. More information visit Faltazi.

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