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  1. Modern House Design Architecture Orange Weekend Retreat

    October 10, 2009 by newhouseofart

    ultra modern house architecture innovation

    Modern house design architecture innovation idea with minimalist and contemporary concept called Orange Weekend Retreat architect by Nuno Grande and Pedro Gadanho, placed in CarreƧo, Viana do Castelo. Ultra modern house architectures with uniquely and best selected exterior paint color decorating. Minimizing landscape impacts, plus skipping the legal setback, the major degree “moulds” itself to the site’s topography from side to side the cantilevered additional room of the upper floors. Inside, the white house architectural concrete’s tereotomy criticizes the walls-beams which support the fundamental interior and extend the living room design in the suspended balcony. Here it is the sample photos of modern house design architecture orange weekend retreat.

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    modern house architecture orange weekend

    modern house architecture orange weekend

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