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  1. Incredible Five Star Luxury Boutique Grace Hotel

    August 17, 2011 by newhouseofart

    wonderful satorini grace deck and pool

    What a sensational architecture design from The Grace. This is truly awesome and super luxury five star hotel design. I really wonder how the interior designer gets inspiration from. The five star hotel boutique of Grace Hotel designed with branches- and become in the world’s most attractive destinations, looks astounding combined through the backdrop of the stunning, blue and white Santorini islands, the southernmost islands of the Cyclades.

    superb santorini grace pool and ocean

    spectacular santorini grace hotel in mountains

    satorini pool and ocean at sunset

    With its superb place in the charming village of Imervigli above the Caldera (a centuries-old deep basin made from a sunken volcano), the Grace Santorini presents magnificent views of the well-known sunset cast across the Aegean sea and the Cyclades Islands in addition to a romantic, serene feeling for guests. Although the property is mainly private, it is expediently located only 2 KM from the capital of the islands, Fira, and 8-10 KM away from the 2 closest airports. The island’s long history of volcanic activity has made the spectacular landscape the Grace Hotel and others sit upon nowadays.

    satorini grace pools and decks view

    satorini grace corner pool with ocean view

    santorini large white bedroom with balcony and view

    santorini grace white bedroom with balcony

    santorini grace pink and white decor

    santorini grace modern pool design

    santorini grace coffee station interior

    santorini deck with amazing ocean view

    santorini contemporary hotel deck design

    grace santorini white living area and tv

    grace santorini white living area

    grace santorini infinity pool balcony and ocean view

    gorgeous birds eye view santorini grace hotel

    comfort santorini grace room with pool

    beautiful satorini grace pool at sunset