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  1. 19 Urban Garden Design Trends in New York City

    July 12, 2011 by newhouseofart

    view from garden into unique townhouse

    Many of our reader want to get inspiration about urban garden design. There is some message in our email that ask how the best idea to decorate a modern or contemporary urban garden? So, for this Tuesday, 12 July 2011 edition- we give you beautiful 19 urban garden design trends which are very popular in New York City. Today, urban gardens have turn into an increasing tendency in New York and other metropolises global, triggered with a variety of explanations, from the sophisticated man’s want to get back in touch through nature to an attempt to alleviate the planet’s ecological disintegration to an effort to show the way a better lifestyle by rising one’s own fruits and vegetables. At this time we were so interesting with the landscaping designs of Rees Roberts + Partners LLC , we might not oppose revisiting the theme and giving out the following pictures with our reader.

    This we suggest a creative house named “Rees design”. The Rees designs both interior decorating styles and landscapes and this small garden of a modern townhouse spilling over through vegetation is other than one evidence to their contemporary, minimalist yet eye-catching and efficient way. The designer have maximized a tiny space with covering mainly of the walls with ivy, planting trees on the sides, and even adding up green touches to the comfortable outdoor furniture. The effect is a beautiful small backyard oasis of a townhouse in the urban city.

    There is also available spectacular design of captivating rooftop garden which a perfect design for luxury apartments otherwise townhouses with balconies / generous rooftop room. The glass panels present safety, other than do not difficult to understand the wonderful cityscape. The unique design allows the outlook to tell for itself and the selection of having a smaller, interior room through a modern glass paneled window in addition is extremely sensible. The building owners and their guests are able to then take pleasure in the sight from their roof at all times of the time.

    And for latest description for the images shown in here, we find an experience of the ultramodern in a NYC apartment garden. The innovative design of glass paneled doors, present a clear view of the small backyard, so it suggests a design element to the space even if one is plainly sitting in the living room.

    urban garden with tiled floor and bamboo

    urban garden with city view

    stunning outdoor urban garden

    small urban garden with lots of green

    rooftop patio edsign decor

    rooftop garden with beautiful city view

    rooftop garden with bar

    pool table leads to rooftop garden

    outdoor garden in back of townhouse

    natural urban garden with bamboo

    modern sliding doors garden

    modern courtyard decoration

    luxury apartment garden view from outside

    living area with urban garden view

    gorgeous rooftop oasis design

    creative rooftop garden idea

    cozy courtyard design idea

    contemporary balcony and garden design