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  1. Unique General LED Lighting : HydraLamp Design

    June 26, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Innovative HydraLamp Design

    Today, we have new submission post from creative designer Balint Tamasi about the innovative of general LED lighting design furniture named “HydraLamp”. HydraLamp is a unique lamp design that can be great accessories for your modern living room interior. This is the following description from designer:

    “The exclusivity of the ambient light named Hydralamp is that its modern cooling system has 2 functions: cooling the LED to assurance a smallest amount 50.000 hours of lifetime and it gives an amazing lighting experience. Due to its lamp shape, plan distributes the brightness in an especially enjoyable technique. The Hydralamp is furthermore energy saver. It able to makes the similar luminous power as a 20Watt halogen bulb but consumes only 4Watt. You must know that in these LED lamps there are used just the highest quality of LEDs which are offered in 400 or 800lm (comparable to a 20 otherwise 40Watt halogen bulb) in calm white color schemes or neutral white color-temperature. The light is created from anodized aluminum and tempered glass. The luminary is 900mm high and the diameter of the stand is 280mm.”

    If you want to know more information about Hydralamp, you can visit the website designer Balint Tamasi at

    HydraLamp Product Design

    HydraLamp Floor Lamp Design Idea

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