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  1. Overwhelming Apartment in Black White by Geometrix

    July 6, 2011 by newhouseofart

    white apartment office area

    Geometrix present to us some design of modern and futuristic apartment design in white and black color schemes. The incredible ideas of stunning apartment interior are shown at 15 pictures gallery in here. This innovative dark and bright apartment decorating themes, from Geometrix might be a plan option for several people who love the ultramodern way and possibly will take to mind spaceships. The apartment building, through its overwhelming white glossy finishes (not just on the floors, however in addition the ceilings and walls), is such as a protective cocoon, airtight, sealed, and compactly built maybe to shelter one from every potentially risky outdoor elements. You also will be interesting about the installation of illumination in the ceilings and wall panels, often zigzag to make the fantasy of being inside either a nightclub otherwise a spaceship.

    white and grey ultramodern bathroom

    white and grey modern bathroom

    The apartment design highlighted zagging line on the ceiling lights up this black and white contemporary living room. The ultimate living space is complete with a comfortable white leather, twist couch, fuzzy black carpeting, elegant and shiny black coffee table, and huge-screen TV. There is also available gorgeous apartment dining room. The traditional cherry wood dining room table furniture and classic dining space interior; this dining room boasts white marble floors, glass columns that separate it from the living room, relaxed black modern chairs, and recess lighting. This Geometrix apartment is truly a dream house living idea!

    white and grey bathroom design

    white and grey apartment bathroom

    white and black bedroom interior

    white and black apartment living area

    white and black apartment entertainment room

    white and black apartment closet

    white and black apartment bedroom

    black white dining room and kitchen

    black and white living room with TV

    black and white apartment room decor

    black and white apartment living room

    black and white apartment dining area