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  1. 15 Modern Versatile Interior by Hieu Nguyen

    July 31, 2011 by newhouseofart

    zen bedroom versatile idea

    The best design of modern and minimalist versatile interior design shown at this 15 sample pictures gallery is designed by Hieu Nguyen. I very love the idea because it is looks clean, simple but have luxury touch. The following versatile design inspiration photos here are a testament to designer versatility, there are soft color palettes by means of simple, flowing renderings for the bachelor-pad-worthy rooms, and more vibrant, oranges and contemporary wood accents for a creative kids’ room and comfortable guest room sitting space.

    wood modern living area

    red and denim living room

    The Nguyen versatile designs span castle-inspired decors, complete through hanging; iron-wrought chandeliers, warm wooden and unique stone interiors, and deep red tapestries color scheme to shiny, fresh, simple white kitchens and lavish living rooms for the modern-day home-owner. The designer’s work cuts diagonally the board on diverse moods, color palettes, styles, age groups, and social groups and is a truthfully extraordinary set.

    nguyen orange sitting area

    nguyen orange kids bedroom

    nguyen modern kitchen versatile

    nguyen modern bedroom versatile

    nguyen luxury bedroom with window

    nguyen brown living room interior

    nguyen brown and white living room

    nguyen beige living room

    nguyen bedroom versatile with closet

    nguyen bedroom interior side view

    living room modern with open kitchen

    fresh contemporary small bedroom