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  1. Modern Chaise Lounge Design Ideas Jouba by Answerdesign

    December 27, 2009 by newhouseofart

    modern pool chaise lounge design

    If you are looking for some inspiration about modern comfortable chaise lounge design ideas, may be this Jouba from Answerdesign is a perfect solution for you. Absolutely functional furniture set design with elegant, contemporary, and beautiful styles. This chaise lounge can be placing in outdoor and indoor as a home accessories otherwise you can put in garden or patio to create relax atmosphere in your house exterior design. These home furniture designs consist of wooden element with smooth inserts that organize comfortable furniture to relax and can simple adjust to fit for the shape of your body. This modern chaise lounge furniture available in some combination of special leather or wood. Besides the stainless steel base can be as glossy as matte. Visit the Answerdesign site for detail information about this furniture design, may be you are interest to take one of them become part of your home decorating ideas.

    modern exterior chaise lounge design
    modern exterior chaise lounge design

    modern chaise lounge interior design
    modern chaise lounge interior design

  2. Children’s Room Design in Soho

    August 8, 2009 by newhouseofart

    bedroom design for children

    Simply inspiring, do not miss these photos of a children’s bedroom apartment in Soho, New York. The furniture with the color white in the details: everything game, carpet, table and curtains. If you want more, they can enter the sites of companies engaged in the furniture and high-end textiles. An ideal alternative for those seeking a neutral decor in rooms and unisex baby. (more…)

  3. Modern House Decorating Ideas

    August 7, 2009 by newhouseofart

    Decorating can be an extremely fun and enjoyable when we meet one quarter completely “virgin” waiting for our intervention. When we are in that situation so rare and so special, we can hire someone to do the job, or get down to work. The second option may sound laborious, but it’s really interesting sensation of living in something that decorate ourselves.

    modern house design ideas

    However, it is the “little” aspect of the inspiration. How to achieve anything? There is no better idea to resort to watching other decorations, and save ideas to try to combine the best possible way to achieve a stylish and original. (more…)

  4. House Decorating Ideas for Decorative Terraces

    August 6, 2009 by newhouseofart

    We are in summer, and all those who are “lucky” to have a terrace in their homes can now enjoy them like never before, either the sun, preparing a snack, or making dinner with friends. That is why it is not wrong to do a little review of some ideas that can help us decorate the terraces and also to create a pleasant environment can make us look very pretty in front of our guests.

    House Decorating Ideas for Decorative Terraces 1

    So the first thing you have in mind is like not knowing the space we have in our terrace and we know how many elements of the decoration which is necessary above all to have a table and chairs and if the pocket and as the saying space allows us, could be replaced by a sofa or mattress in the image, and without forgetting the presence of umbrellas. (more…)