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  1. Modern Contemporary Prefab House Design on the Top of the Hill

    October 18, 2009 by newhouseofart

    contemporary prefab house design

    Modern minimalist prefab hose design with contemporary styles in the top of hill near Granite Falls, Washington, USA designed by Anderson Anderson. This is truly best prefab home design photos that can be your home design ideas. The home design concept is simple but have comfortable and luxury styles. The place has a lot of loveliness approximately but does not have electrical energy, water or roads. For the reason that of conditions prefabricated construction was decide to defeat the hard nature of the location. The house structure is created of steel covered through 4-by-22-foot panels, acting like walls. The home panels tag along an easy pattern to plants open space for dramatic floor to ceiling windows during the home that arrest remarkable views around. A lot of fundamentals around the home are custom finished by artists that happened to be contacts of the owner. This is unique prefab house design with minimalist and contemporary design.

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