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  1. Modern Kitchen Interior Design Bulthaup b3 Picture Gallery

    March 26, 2010 by newhouseofart

    urban kitchen design bulthaup b3

    Today, presented again some latest modern contemporary kitchen picture gallery from Bulthaup b3. Luxury minimalist kitchen interior decorating ideas, which can be favorite’s people in the world. As you know, Bulthaup is a famous kitchen designer company that very specialist in the modern and minimalist kitchen styles represent urban chic through sleek lines, metallic finishes and appliances. Every Bulthaup b3 kitchen is a one off a best thing; this begins with its architecture design independence and goes way further than the limitless possibilities for lending the kitchen a private style. It is a minimalist kitchen interior design for people who want just one thing, the dream kitchen for best cooking time. The attractive thing about Bulthaup b3 is the variety of its solutions and the superlative simplicity of its design ideas.

    ultra modern bulthaup b3 kitchen decor

    The spectrum contains solid and filigree shapes, floating elements and floor standing blocks. The collection of timeless surfaces stretches from aluminum material and paint to the finest wood. The consequence is a wealth of combination options in which one component always completely matches another, a true sign of carefully thought-out design and engineering-inspired structure. Bulthaup b3 kitchen idea takes limitless design freedom to the kitchen. The bulthaup b3 multi-functional wall, for example, liberates it from the arrangement scheme dominated by the floor plan decor and becomes itself the determining factor in the room’s architectural.

    modern modular bulthaup b3 kitchen

    The wall decorating comes alive, both in terms of utility and design, and able to serve as an esthetic link, merging the kitchen and living room into a single entity. Particular esthetic excellence is achieved thanks to Bulthaup b3’s flexibility in conditions of installation. The elements in this structure can be installed floor-standing, foot-supported or wall-hanging. The floating personality is retained, while the various proportions bring rhythm and cadence to the room.  For more information about this design visit this site.

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