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  1. Contemporary Kitchen with Minimalsit Wood Furniture Interior Design

    October 24, 2009 by newhouseofart

    modern kitchen luxury furniture interior

    This is sample pictures of contemporary and minimalist kitchen design with best furniture set interior modern luxury styles. This is a good kitchen decorating ideas for your own dream house interior. Contemporary kitchens design is prejudiced through the arithmetical and minimalistic philosophy frequently seen in European country like Germany, Italy, and Scandinavia. The materials consists from chrome, stainless steel, concrete and glass are the favored medium for modern plan. One of the large advantages in selecting a minimalist, contemporary design for your kitchen cabinet is that you will have a big choice of colors scheme and equipment which you able to use. Kitchen Appliances, the ultra modern daytime kitchens are glowing interweave component wherever kitchen appliances such as cooking systems, dishwashers, blenders, mixers, refrigerators etc are place to most favorable utilize. Here it is some modern minimalist kitchen with wood and stainless steel furniture interior designs.

    minimalist kitchen interior furniture design

    contemporary modern kitchen interior design

    contemporary kitchen wood interior design

  2. Modern Outdoor modular Kitchens Designs

    October 23, 2009 by newhouseofart

    wooden modular kitchen design

    New innovation outdoor modular kitchens design ideas with modern and contemporary style. If you are looking for outdoor kitchen may be this sample photos of modern outdoor modular kitchens designed by JcorradiCapri Kitchen is perfect for you. When you like outdoor living spaces, I should you to buy this outdoor kitchen design. The Capri kitchens get the art of cooking outside, and take barbecue to innovative heights of design. These modern modular kitchens design are obtainable in a variety of volumes to outfit with your outdoor living space. Place the character components and go as big or as small as you want to do. These modular kitchens designed through wood and stainless steel, this outdoor kitchen is the ideal harmonize to your backyard, patio or deck, by prosperity of work surfaces, storage space and smooth a kitchen sink. Below the sample photos of modern outdoor modular kitchens design by Italian designers Jcorradi.

    outdoor modular modern kitchen design

    modern modular kitchen design

    modern contemporary modular kitchen design

    luxury modular modern kitchen design

    contemporary modular kitchen design

    contemporary furniture modular kitchen design

  3. Modern Small Kitchens Design Space Tips

    September 8, 2009 by newhouseofart

    contemporary small kitchen design pictures

    minimalist small kitchen design pictures

    modern small kitchen design pictures

    If you have only small kitchen room in your house may be you are looking for this tips to decorate your small kitchen design layout. Not a difficult thing to decorate your kitchen interior design to have appearances like largest room. Place some kitchen furniture in the kitchen room also can create beauty and enjoyable feels. Let’s we begin, this is some small kitchen interior design tips, Do it by yourself!

    • To create a small kitchen look bigger, use the similar kitchen furniture or colors schemes on the kitchen cabinets and counters.
    • A checkerboard plan on the floor may help a small kitchen seem larger.
    • Arrangement cabinet storage space for small appliances will maintain counters clutter-free.
    • The soffit quarter on top of kitchen cabinets is a ideal place to integrate storage space.
    • Kitchen islands don’t have to be big. A small compacted island may be designed to give storage space, chairs and counter space.
    • When locked keen on a footstep, go vertical. Adding tallness offers you chance to generate more storage space and initiate light in a kitchen room.
    • Designing kitchen cabinets up to the ceiling guarantee best possible apply of kitchen space.
    • Make small kitchen rooms feel larger by adding windows to take in more sunlight.

  4. The Italian Traditional Wooden Kitchen Design Ideas from Stosa

    August 17, 2009 by newhouseofart

    kitchen made of limed oak

    kitchen made of limed oak

    Are you one of the people who like traditional wooden kitchen with Italian design style? If you like traditional kitchen design style, take a look at the traditional kitchen design by Stosa. There are still many people out there who like the old warm conventional or traditional kind of kitchens design than the modern silky minimalistic ones.

    I think the Italian Traditional Wooden Kitchens design collection from Stosa is intended for those people and it rediscovers the kitchen like the centre of family life, a small world all of its own in which to live and work every day. I hope you can fresh and original idea for your own kitchen room after see this picture below.