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  1. 17 Sleek TV Wall Units Design by Alf Da Fre

    August 8, 2011 by newhouseofart

    wood and white tv wall mount

    The modern TV wall unit design inspiration shown on this 17 pictures gallery is creative idea from Italian famous furniture company Alf Da Fre. Many people like to relax in living room or just watching TV. So, the entertainment part is almost certainly the most central and central element of any living room at house interior. We generally prop our TV’s up on a TV cabinet otherwise attach them to the largest wall properly facing our couches.

    white and green tv wall mount

    white and black tv wall mount

    Alf Da Free bring to us their stylish yet modern TV wall unit in variety of design. You can choose to suite with your living room decorating themes. There is also available sleek, contemporary, and come with a mixture of layout and styling choices such as symmetric, asymmetric, creative floating cabinets, minimalist ambient TV lighting and vivid variable color palettes. What do you preferred design for your living room?

    warm wood and white  tv wall unit

    symetric black tv wall mount

    stylish red plastic tv wall mnt

    simple tv wall mount design

    red white black tv wall mount color

    modern black and glass tv wall mount

    innovative white red black tv wall mount

    green tv wall mount idea

    futuristic design bw tv wall mount

    elegant white and red tv wall mount

    cozy white and brown wall tv mount

    contemporary wblack tv wall

    comfortable white tv wall mount

    chic design white wall tv mount

  2. 19 Fabulous Living Space Interior by Euromobil

    June 9, 2011 by newhouseofart

    white kitchen lighting

    The modern flowing open house interior design idea presented by Euromobil is a great inspiration for us. In this 19 sample pictures gallery shown below, you will notice how clean a living space but also looks luxury in style. Euromobil as a famous Italian design house company give us online catalog regarding their fabulous living space. Arranging importance on open plans which just give the impression to flow from room to room, Euromobil puts forward some stunning concepts which can be used for large spaces or small area. Several of the living room ideas discover single space living where shelving otherwise creative sliding glass doors work as partitions. You will furthermore see lots of unusual touches in them as well as pink colored cabinets, neon under glows, stylish lighting and floor to ceiling kitchen windows. Leave us your opinion about this concept!

    ultra modern kitchen living

    small space open living

    pink blue kitchen living

    open kitchen design

    modern modular living room

    modern living room

    living dining space idea

    living dining room

    kitchen without walls

    kitchen neon underglow

    kitchen living space

    kitchen dining space

    kitchen courtyard design

    gray kitchen interior

    colorful kitchen design

    black white modern kitchen

    bedroom livng space

    beautiful minimalistic kitchen

  3. 16 Contemporary Living Room with Various Color and Texture

    May 21, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Modern Living room Bold Area Rug Orange sofa

    If you are looking for inspiration of living room color schemes and texture idea that can be suite with your house interior decorating themes, you must take a look this great 16 best contemporary living room design. The stunning, modern and also elegant living room style available here. A little of boundaries exist in decorating fashionable living spaces. Beige is still satisfactory, although nowadays interior designers are coming together hues within the various color schemes to make a new texture idea, to facilitate a different elements pop out, and to prevent the house owner from monotony.

    modern living room with stunning outdoor panorama

    masculine living room with media center

    Many people know that deep textures have additional special effects on a living room interior. Because they able to lend warmth, comfortable atmosphere and invite guests otherwise owners to use the house furniture or accessories further. Deep texture also might stabilize the living room outlook, weighing it down from different design essentials like plentiful windows or else wonderful room ideas.

    living room with black sofa color

    living room juxtaposes light and warmth

    No matter what your selection of living room decorating texture, composition, lighting, and space planning, color is an important key. Huelsta as Germany furniture design maker present to us abundant colors from and finishes for buffets, side tables, cocktail tables, et cetera. For example, its TAMETA line textures consist of wood material, lacquered, and glass fabric – all surrounded by a sideboard. And aso the company’s LILIUM line, features single parts and system components in solid wood for your living room design. You must be interesting with this pictures gallery.

    living room displays cultural context

    living room bears warm contemporary tradition

    living room artful lighting scheme

    geometrical art enlivens living room

    elegant living room delivers vernacular

    dense living room harken back to tradition

    Cozy Modern Living Room Arc Lamp

    Contemporary Living room warm earth tone open plan

    comfortable living room with sectional sofa

    careful color choice invites into living room

    artful storage in modern beige living room

  4. 18 Amazing Scandinavian Living Room Interior

    May 8, 2011 by newhouseofart

    White Scandinavian Living Room

    The 18 best Scandinavian living room interior pictures gallery is shown to you as an inspiration to build your beautiful living room especially if you are living in the apartment. These functional and refined Swedish apartment are very amazing. So, for this post edition, NewHouseOfArt want to take focus on the most stunning room these cribs have to present. You can look at the photos below; there is very impressive and inspiring living room decor that anyone can use as an idea. This is fresh apartment decorating plan by using vivid interiors invaded with color, to minimalist but very efficient designs, these living rooms every part of have a strong visual effect. For example, The sofas cozy enough for friend gatherings, reading corners, traditional  and contemporary fireplaces, luxury pendant lamps, colorful pillows, guitars and pianos are just a few of the elements animating these lovely royal cribs. There is no substance what the apartment living room size (small or large), they all characteristic large windows and good-looking flower arrangements. You can have a look at the images and let us know what you discover inspiring when it comes to these vivid color schemes, elegant and useful Scandinavian living rooms.

    Vivid Color Scandinavian Living Room

    Stunning Scandinavian Living Room

    Simple Scandinavian Living Room

    Scandinavian Living Room Interior

    Scandinavian Living Room Decor

    Rustic Scandinavian Living Room

    Royal Scandinavian Living Room

    Opulent Scandinavian Living Room

    Modern Scandinavian Living Room

    Minimalist Scandinavian Living Room

    Luxury Scandinavian Living Room

    Elegant Scandinavian Living Room

    Cozy Scandinavian Living Room

    Contemporary Scandinavian Living Room

    Comfortable Scandinavian Living Room

    Beautiful Scandinavian Living Room

    Amazing Scandinavian Living Room

    via: Freshome

  5. Best Living Room Design Collection – May 2011

    May 1, 2011 by newhouseofart

    simple condo living room

    Still on this 1st day of this May 2011, we bring top ten living room interior design inspiration photos gallery taken from various source. There is available stunning living room decor visualization that can impress you. These are from few top notch interior designers planned with colorful, modern and fancy style. I just want to remember, if you want to decorate your living room there is some important part to give concentration such as the best selection of furniture and color schemes. Here is it most inspiring living rooms which we shown in 10 photos below:

    minimlaist lounge living room with tv

    lounge living room decor

    loft living space interior design

    Living room with red carpet ideas

    living room contemporary elegant style

    living room and dining room 2 in 1

    guest living room interior china

    green yellow modern living room

    conceptual modern living room inspiration

    All original images from this source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

  6. Colorful Living Room Sofa by Ligne Roset

    March 4, 2011 by newhouseofart

    yellow blue couches white living room interior

    When we are take a look at the new 2011 luxury living room furniture design collection presented by Ligne Roset’s, and that get some detail pictures gallery, and absolutely we love to share with you and give some idea to choose best living room sofa for your modern house interior. In this 2011 sofa collection, Ligne Roset makes a new innovation and minimalist line (essentially the luxury and modern styles remind us a design of this), the company creates some bold steps that deviate from conventions. The comfortable sofas sport unusual hues and we even see little “lockable” configurations of this furniture idea. Targeted approximately wholly at the lavishness end of the marketplace, Ligne Roset frequently collaborates with high profile interior designers that include the likes of Jean Nouvel, Philippe Nigro, Bouroullec Brothers to name a small number of to churn out several of its key furniture pieces. See, this sofa photos collection here.

    white walls living room wall painting decor

    white shelf blue sofa design

    new trend 2011 sofa collection

    modern blue couch sofa design

    living room wooden wall flat tv bed

    book rack sofa living room design idea

    black lamps blue white sofa furniture set

    big cozy couches sofa white coloured home

    big couches sofa design plain living room

    beutiful modern white living room sofa

  7. Black White Living Room & Bedroom Interior Design

    February 15, 2011 by newhouseofart

    beautiful black white bedroom interior

    We love to share with you about this modern living room and bedroom with the two color combination on black and white which is designed with clean minimalist ideas. Some people think that black and white color combination has frequently had pretty bad reputation particularly to enhance house interior decorating. But if you take a look at this sample bedroom design and living room design layout pictures gallery shown below you would have the same opinion which is black along with little white color mixture around it creates the bedroom and living room designs otherwise for that matter bathroom designs especially chic and stylish along through adding the luxurious thing. In the modern home interior design it also comes hand by hand with white purpose to make cool contrasts. Just the wall at the back the bed furniture in the bedroom is painted jet black and then the entire flooring is completed in black tiles. This utilize of the black creates the entire bedroom stand out. This is the use of the black, and the white color has been nicely gelled into by assembly use of the small bedroom furniture piece such as the creative side table furnishing having white contemporary plywood over it and a small bedroom cupboard otherwise dressing table in full white adding to the smart black and white look of the whole bedroom.

    ultra modern black white bedroom interiors

    Even in the second photos the use of classic black and white has been done very smartly. The use of the black wall along with the white panels beyond the bed is breathtaking. Bedroom designs can be altered in various ways with adding original bedroom furniture and every single one but the wonderful effect of a luxury or deluxe bedroom comes with the correct selection of colors in the room that totally depends on your personal taste design style.

    Luxury black white bedroom interior pictures

    black white modern living room interior decor

    black white living room interior ideas

    black interior living room decorating