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  1. Luxury Lavender Bedroom Interior & Furniture Design

    February 15, 2011 by newhouseofart

    lavender bedsheet wall paint bedroom ideas

    All the whole of this sample classic bedroom interior design is purple, white or mixing of two both. This comfortable yet luxury lavender bedroom designed for girl’s room idea. This bedroom can be fit and suitable for as an elegant master bedroom decor as well as for a men’s bedroom design. According to your want, you able to create and customize a beginning through a neutral room and then add just a spot of color that is still soothing. To create a Lavender Bedroom otherwise Purple Bedroom Designs you have to be extremely sure in choosing the perfect combine of lavender and purple color schemes. Whenever you don’t like to do further original try with using lavender or purple for simply few things, might be just have purple blanket furniture otherwise pillow covers bed accessories and observe how can you digest that color. If it does create you feel relaxed then you might go ahead perhaps in painting one wall purple or lavender. If that too creates the bedroom look gorgeous and cozy enough then you could use it for more modern furniture or creative painting more walls or with having lights and lamps of purple otherwise lavender shade.

    solid lavender bedsheet and pillow cover bedroom

    Be creative and innovative! You able to also try out additional colors such as magenta or rustic red since these 2 too are gaining importance in romantic bedroom decorating and designs. These mix and match of these two colors would get in a seductive hint of your favorite color. Also try having several dried lavender flowers arrangement on your side of the bed furniture; lavender has the property to make aromatherapy properties. It might even help you sleep a sound asleep though adding color to the bedroom. Maintain the comforter basic such as white or chocolate brown for balance. So, let we know how you felt after using these bright color ideas and we would love to share it with the New House of Art readers we have for them to experiment too. If likely do send us photos of your bedroom and we would be glad to share it here for comments from other public.

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