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  1. Ultra Modern Luxury Bathroom Furniture Set Interior Design

    October 18, 2009 by newhouseofart

    happy bathroom furniture set

    If you want to decor your bathroom interior you can put some furniture set place with luxury design. You can create comfortable design and luxury appearance to impress your family or guest. This is modern and fresh bathroom furniture set innovation design from Novello. All of Novello furniture design are modern, luxury and stand out during warped shapes and a generally bold approach. The “Luxury Styles” bathroom set in the photos below are a show of vivid colors and originality that actually caught our consideration. Each house furniture‚Äôs in the set are an elaborated and innovative thing, opening through the extruded cupboards and the modern mirrors and finish by the purple carpets on the floor. The storage space is enough and positioned anywhere you would usually not suppose so the bathroom has a generally high level of viability. And you can see below, some of furniture set photos by Novello Italian designs.

    ultra modern furniture set

    luxury bathroom furniture set

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    luxury bathroom furniture design

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    ultra modern luxury bathroom furniture set