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  1. Greek Modern House in Hyderabad, India

    June 14, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Hyderabad House- Decorative Outdoor

    In this article, I would like to share my opinion with you about house that adopt modern style and has many contemporary decorative and furniture. The dream house is the Hyderabad house that has been completed designed by Rajiv Saini and his teams. They renovate the house once like the Greek modern sanctuary and remodeled to be like contemporary dream house. This house is located in Hyderabad India. Long time ago, the family of this house is really gave up about the house and almost demolished it.

    The working period of renovating the house took almost 4 years. On the first the architect team hear the request from the residence, they thought that it would be easier to demolish and rebuilt it that to renovate with keep some old historical things in the house. What the residence wanted are live in contemporary house and still have the existing Victorian column embellishments and even grander circular marble spiral staircase. With much brainstorming, both of the architect team and the residence have the problem solving. The main object of this renovation is creating exciting house design that combine the old and modern living.

    After 4 years of brain storming, editing, and building, the family has additional rooms got cantilevered over existing structure. They also has gym rooms that is right overlook the garden. So that while exercise the family will be refreshed by the look of the garden. Renovation also has remodeled the guest rooms. Now, the steel and glass study are attached to the master suite. To make the house better, the architects try to eliminate unused spaces as well as creates many space everywhere its possible. For example, The new dining room was created by enclosing a part of the rear garden while the grand spiral marble staircase was transitioned into a sleek metal and stone one, in a different part of the house. This house is what you really loved to live in the modern city as well as respecting the old memories ago.

    Hyderabad House - Unique Wall Design

    Hyderabad House - Unique Chair

    Hyderabad House - Study Room

    Hyderabad House - Black Staircase

    Hyderabad House - Bedroom Design

    Hyderabad House - Bathroom Design

    Hyderabad House - Sofa Furniture

    Hyderabad House - Reading Room

    Hyderabad House - Outdoor Pool

    Hyderabad House - Natural Bedroom Interior

    Hyderabad House - Minimalist Interior Layout

    Hyderabad House - Master Bedroom Design

    Hyderabad House - Luxury Residential

    Hyderabad House - Living Room

    Hyderabad House - Leather Chair Design

    Hyderabad House - Kitchen Design

    Hyderabad House - Home Bar Idea

    Hyderabad House - Flower in Dining Room

    Hyderabad House - Entertainment Room

    Hyderabad House - Dining Room Design

    Hyderabad House - Cozy Living Room

    Hyderabad House - Cozy Bedroom

    Hyderabad House - Contemporary Interior

  2. Luxury Leonard Residence Architecture Design, Ehrlich Architects

    January 16, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Amazing Leonard Residence Architectural Photos

    One of the most contemporary luxury house residence architecture design located in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles, there is 4,000-square-foot residence named “Leonard Residence” is positioned on a 45 degree angle downward sloping canyon place. From the main house public level architectural, one descends an outdoor innovative stair anchored to a cast in place modern concrete wall idea to the home lower level architectures which houses a comfortable home office, guest quarters and storage space. Embracing a contemporary entry courtyard, the Leonard house residence structure is a composition of huge areas in glass supported with steel and concrete, tracing its lineage to the case study luxurious home designs of LA. A innovative two-story living room interior is suspended over the canyon on a structured concrete slab that also serves as the finished floor. From this level, a floating tread stair ascends to the master bedroom/bath suite and a floating reading loft affords classic LA views through the 20-foot high glass walls.

    Wooden Dining Table Chair Furniture - Leonard Residence

    Leonard Residence access to a roof terrace over the car garage fosters sunbathing and relaxation. The hillside-bound site existing the most obvious challenge as well as chance for decorating deluxe home design. The house door entrance level is greeted by a permanently-installed corten steel and glass modern dining table material planned by the Ehrlich Architect. To achieve the vision objectives, the residence is spliced into multiple levels to accommodate and embrace the steep slope yet create the mainly of all useable room, practically panoramic views and augment privacy from the closely adjacent homes. Each level fluidly caters to specific living, working and relaxation needs of the residents, allowing for utmost efficiency and comfort. More information visit website.

    Wall Glass House Facade - Leonard Residence

    Outdoor Stair Innovative Design - Leonard Residence

    Modern Wood Bathroom Decor - Leonard Residence

    Modern Entry Courtyard - Leonard Residence

    Minimalist Elegant Leonard Residence Interior

    Living Room Under Stair Idea - Leonard Residence

    House Entry Door Design - Leonard Residence

    Dining Room Second House Level Design - Leonard Residence

    Contemporary Architecture Leonard Residence

    Comfortable Open Living Room - Leonard Residence

  3. Modular House Design Black Glossy Color Luxury Price by A-Cero

    September 27, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Modern Modular House Outdoor Swimming Pool Design

    Luxury house price for modern modular house design architecture with glossy and black color interior and exterior decorating ideas designed by famous architecture company, A-Cero can be perfect inspiration for us to build our luxurious dream house living space. This Black color themes gorgeousness is a recently presented modular architectural product based on the principles of industrialized construction: construction takes place in an industrial unit and the assembly on the spot. A-cero houses architecture have been a continuous explanation of amazement. Their method can be seen from all angle and enjoyed with those who want a totally contemporary and modern architectural section and a gorgeous interior decorating design.

    Modular Black House Entrance Decorating

    A-cero intend to provide everyone a possibility to have a gorgeous house residence such this by popularizing design and constructive high-quality in architecture which will not leave you broke. And the best part is that even the modern room interior design, decorations and equipment can be completed available. The home black exterior offers this dwelling a mysterious appearance and the shine takes it up a notch. Its simplicity lies in the modular minimalist building mode but also in the nice beautiful interior design in black and white color schemes, a signature look for A-cero. The gray parts of the decorating unite the 2 predominant non-colors and the green grass outside creates a striking discordance with the rest, upgrading the standards for every modern houses. Bright lights create every one of the perfectly fitted elements stand out. via

    White Loft Interior Stylish Modern Design

    Modern Dream House Architectural Design A-cero

    Minimalist Glossy House Bathroom Interior

    Luxury Clean Kitchen Decor Glossy House

    Innovative Car Garage Design Modern Black White House

    A-cero Modern Modular House Architecture

    Black White Modular House Architectures Design

    Bright Lights Modern Dining Room Decoration

    Contemporary Modular House Facade Design Ideas

    Gorgeous Bathroom Comfortable Interior

  4. Contemporary Pipe House Luxury Interior Design Black Sea Alcove

    March 1, 2010 by newhouseofart

    pipe house living room furniture design

    Luxury, glamorous but look minimalist in the interior design. These simple words that we can say if we are see and entrance the contemporary modern pipe house architecture design. Created by Butenko VasiliyandSergey Mahno located along the beautiful Black sea, just at the edge of the Crimean Mountains of the Ukraine. This contemporary home designed as an oasis for rest and entertainment, the residence has been divided into zones through opaque and translucent screens, allowing the user flexibility in shading the sun, creating privacy, and blocking off rooms when entertaining visitors. Inside all zoned cavity, there is a single light decor fixture serving that rooms- these furniture cooperatively make a fancy rhythm along the house ceiling.  The pure, minimalist white color forms morphing out of the ceiling create a soft, liquid like form adorning the structure above. There is a glowing bulge in the wall texture design at the modern kitchen bar that is a new physical interpretation of this gentle curve sweeping all surfaces of this house.  As your eye follows the wood textured walls materials around the room, there are multiple opportunities to catch a sight to the exterior design beyond.  At moments, glimpses of light begin to seep through the wood slats, lightening the material as it brings in the natural daylight views and colors that give a sharp contrast to the warm interior furniture of the area.  The floor plan layout idea effectively balances the curved furniture and wall screens against what would otherwise be a extraordinarily rectilinear interior. Enjoy the house pictures gallery. -via-

    pipe house entertainment room decor

    modern office pipe house office design

    modern living room pipe house interior

    mini bar pipe house design ideas

    luxury pipe house dining room design

    luxury bedroom interior pipe home design

    glamorous living room interior architectural pipe house

  5. Contemporary Luxury Interior Design Yarra House Ideas

    December 11, 2009 by newhouseofart

    modern interior design yarra house

    Most perfect contemporary interior decorating ideas from luxury Yarra house design. The house designer, Leeton Pointon architects and Susi Leeton architects, has made this lavish house from wood, stone, and various materials. Located near Yarra river in Melbourne, Australia, this modern house has great natural views. In the interior room design, we will see modern, luxury decorating with some minimalist furniture design. The focal point of the entire design of the room is natural lighting. The luxurious house living charms with its radiance by the double-story void, light cascades down oak and white color plastered surfaces. You can visit this site to know about this modern contemporary Yarra house project plan with pictures gallery.

    contemporary yarra house design pictures
    contemporary yarra house design pictures

    contemporary interior design yarra house
    contemporary interior design yarra house

    minimalist interior design yarra house
    minimalist interior design yarra house

    luxury interior design yarra house
    luxury interior design yarra house

  6. Contemporary Luxury Glasses House Design by Kappe+Du Architects

    October 14, 2009 by newhouseofart

    contemporary house design swimming pool outdoor

    Best sample house design photos about contemporary luxury house design ideas architect by Kappe+Du. The home design looks simple and elegant but luxurious in style. Perfect houses living place for big family. There are modern swimming pool, five bedroom, kitchen, living room and dining room. Almost the design using wood element, so I think this is best wooden house design too. It was create in 60’s era Brentwood District of LA, the home is giving existing feel of wood house structural design noted between vast glass and walls decor.

    contemporary dining room luxury interior design

    luxury contemporary bedroom interior design

    contemporary living room interior design

    contemporary leather sofa luxurios design

    contemporary kitchen luxury interior design