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  1. Mid-Century High-Tech House Design

    June 20, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Protohome Terrace Sapce Decoration

    On this Monday special edition, NewHouseOfArt want to give new inspiration about modern high-tech house design idea by ProtoHomes. The most interesting part about this home architecture is a fully automated high technology homes for trendy lifestyle. The home project planner and CEO Frank VaFaee’s team of engineers and architects collaborated to make a truthfully innovative, futuristic home which is not just eco-friendly but in addition has a leg up on traditional homes in terms of spaciousness, life span, maintenance level, and capability to upgrade. You must know that some of the home appliances in Protohomes are Energy Star brand, and a lot of products used to build the house are recycled, ecological materials. The residence was planned to adapt to steady advances in equipment that create it a valuable asset.

    Protohome Exterior Design Idea

    May be the mainly essential characteristic otherwise as the home designers describe, “the engine” of the house is the ProtoCore, a sophisticated prefabricated silo which merged and houses the home’s mechanical, plumbing, and electrical sources and is just the size of a shipping-container. Such as the house itself, the ProtoCore is simply upgradeable. Innovative additions able to easily be plugged in.

    Protohome Clean Kitchen Design

    As we said before, that this beautiful home is inspired by contemporary mid-century living space style and a floor plan was prearranged around the ProtoCore, to make the “open and intentional living” effect. The designers integrated clean and minimalist lines and plain materials to make a loft-like sense. They eliminated the conventional attic, to make best use of their use of room.

    Playful Kids Room Protohome

    The house is moreover totally networked, allowing homeowners who possibly will have forgotten to turn off the lights otherwise turn on the security alarms, to organize those functions though exterior of the house with accessing their iPhones, iPads, otherwise another PC. ProtoHomes are able to be constructed in a mere four months through a hybrid construction system.

    Natural Feel Protohome Living Room

    Modern Living Room Protohome Design

    Minimalist Protohome Stairwell

    Elegant Protohome Bedroom Interior

    Cozy Protohome Living Area

    Contemporary Protohome Living Room with Storage

    Beautiful Protohome Outdoor View