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  1. Fun House Idea , Milan Hotel with Fairy Tale Interior

    March 21, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Stripe Vines Room Milan Hotel Fairy Tale Ideas

    Some time ago, we are making post about furniture Alice in wonderland, and in this day we want to show you fun house idea, make a living space such as in fairy tale. We got it from the luxury Italian Milan Hotel interior design. As many people know that Italy has forever been embraced for its multicultural activities, however what Milan City is most recognized for is fashion and design. You can take a look about this hotel decoration; it’s very unique and have amazing atmosphere. This luxurious hotel belonging to the styles of renowned Moschino, is almost certainly different with another hotel that you have seen before.

    Looking further such as a playful and fun house of fairy tales, this four story dream station named “Maison Moschino” is more than just a comfort hotel and more such as a surreal alternate reality. Every one of the hotel room design has a theme which indulges the mind with saturating your sight through sensual and illusory dream such as pictures and the most excellent part is they are the entire so unusual and fantastic! So except you are an ordinary people, you not at all be familiar with kind of experience you will find! From the wonderful glowing lamps furniture shaped in the form of a famous Moschino dress, to the cupcake pillows accessories, this hotel leaves nothing to the imagination but paints a vivid color one for you.

    I suggest to you, to visit this hotel whenever you are going to Italy, but I just don’t know how much it’s cost for one day…

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