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  1. Luxury Beach House Design Contemporary Furniture Set Interior Decorating

    April 17, 2010 by newhouseofart

    modern beach house architectural

    Stunning beach house architecture design with beautiful sea natural views which is can be perfect dream house design for us. We are absolutely interesting with the modern house exterior architectural, but has minimalist interior decor in the each room. Combined with contemporary furniture set like a sofa, chair and wooden table design can create comfortable atmosphere like a luxury resort. Designed by Danish furniture architect Rud Thygesen, the construction originally built-in 1957 but later expanded toward the beach with a semicircle to match the architect’s furniture design of a wonderful set of dining room chairs and a circle shaped table. This modern white villa is located on the coast and features not only spectacular views of the sea but also stunning views of greenness around. The home’s interior decor and even exterior design features pieces of the extensive art collection and the exquisite furniture. For more information visit the architecture building designer website. -via-

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