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  1. Glamour Vintage Apartment Oozes Interior

    August 5, 2011 by newhouseofart

    white vintage apartment marble jacuzzi

    Modern apartment design idea designed by Geometrix on this glamour vintage apartment is look very fantastic. On this previously post, we have featured one of their project about overwhelming apartment interior, you should also check on it. Geometrix have stumped us with this contemporary yet vintage, black and white comfort apartment oozes building, decked out by Marilyn Monroe prints on the walls which suggest the 1950?s era, except by means of modern black and white decor color schemes. In contrast this abode has nothing futuristic about it. One might speak this possibly will be an ideal fit for a 1950?s celebrity such as Marilyn otherwise a modern-day one through a love for old Hollywood glamour. Here is it 15 apartment interior pictures gallery.

    white marble dining room with black furniture

    white and black vintage apartment office

    vintage apartment white and black kitchen

    vintage apartment black hall with white touches

    super luxurious vintage apartment

    elegant vintage apartment white brown bedroom

    marilyn monroe vintage apartment dining room

    luxury vintage apartment living area

    luxurious and comfy brown bedroom

    futuristic vintage apartment office

    contemporary vintage apartment living room

    comfortable vintage apartment bedroom interior

    black kitchen with white countertop

    black and white vintage apartment living room

  2. Minimalist Sleek Apartment White Interior Beautiful Design

    December 13, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Wood Flooring White Apartment Design

    Stunning white apartment interior design in white color can make a minimalist and clean impression. You should check this out some stunning modern apartment interior photos gallery for inspiration. The White apartment has a totality of five comfortable rooms such as dining room, living room, bathroom, bedroom and small kitchen that ensures a royalty living space. The most fascinating apartment room of the crib however, remains the one that the innovative indoor stairs point to, a small space, ideal for reading and meditation. Though, this modern sleek apartment did a great job in doing so. This unique apartment loft idea is not just what one could call common and ordinary. The overall sense of the home is that of an art working studio, as the whole thing seems so neat and beautiful unusual. Take a look at the pictures with patience, as there are so many beautiful details to discover. Give us your opinion by leaving a comment. Alvhem

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    Contemporary White Apartment Dining Room

    Comfort Living Room White Apartment

    Beautiful White Apartment Family Room

  3. Small Spanish Penthouse Design Modern Interior Decorating Large Terrace

    November 8, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Comfy Living Room Penthouse Design

    This modern Spanish penthouse design is located in Madrid designed by famous architects Hector Ruiz-Velazquez. Luxury interior decorating ideas combine with contemporary furniture design is truly making a warm and comfortable atmosphere. The house designer has managed to use each centimeter of existing room as efficient as likely. The pent house or apartment design is only 60 square meter inside but also features awesome 50 square meter terrace. Although the whole unique penthouse space is planned to be well-organized and practical it also has an extraordinarily enjoyable appear. It is dynamic thanks to every curved line which create borders between spaces blur. The penthouse apartment is a perfect sample of how even small living space can be very comfortable and look lavish style. The room interior lighting system is considered to illuminate every corners of the apartment house to create it seem more spacious. Using white as the main walls and floors color and help to enlarge the room. Here it is the sample pictures interior and exterior penthouse design gallery.

    Decorative Penthouse Wall Design

    Elegant Master Bedroom Penthouse Decor

    Lavish Penthouse Loft Interior Design

    Luxury Penthouse Bathroom Decorating

    Stylish Penthouse Spanish Kitchen Design

    Luxurious Penthouse Dining Room Ideas

    Modern Spanish Penthouse Outdoor Space Decoration

    Modern Penthouse Toilet Design

    Minimalist White Penthouse Interior Pictures

    Minimalist Penthouse Curtain Home Decorating

  4. Super Soft Modern Apartment Interior Design Luxury Warm Atmosphere

    June 8, 2010 by newhouseofart

    soft minimalist room interior design

    Luxury apartment interior decorating ideas with super, comfortable atmosphere presented to us on this best sample modern minimalist apartment design pictures gallery shown below. Elegant room decorating combine with contemporary furniture is the perfect to make dream house living. This large apartment use 2,500 square foot and located on Nob Hill in San Fancisco, California – USA. With the great beautiful views of the Pacific-Union Club, Grace Cathedral and Masonic Center and has gallery such as open plan which maximizes natural light decor and gives generous space for a well placed art collection. This is truly stunning apartment with the super soft and warm atmosphere and material, which is finished with white, yellow color schemes combination very minimalism style. Designed by Garcia Tamjidi architecture and design studio, the luxury fancy apartment design but also modern comfortable apartment which is helps to highlight all beauties of the art collection. Marble countertop, wooden podiums and stone fireplace furniture creates the apartment also look very luxurious. -via-

    modern dining room furniture decoration

    modern cool apartment interior pictures

    modern bathrooom bathtub furniture

    minimalist bedroom luxury apartment layout

    luxury apartment kitchen modern design

    loundry room modern apartment decor

    home office modern apartment room interior

    elegant room interior minimalist apartment

    comfortable living room apartment

    clean minimalist bathroom design layout

  5. Modern Minimalist Apartment Design Renovation East Village

    October 3, 2009 by newhouseofart

    east village modern apartment design renovation

    Small room apartment designs idea designed by Koray Duman with minimalist and modern interior design. East Village apartment renovation design is perfect design for house living. The interior design dominates with white color than it is giving like big and illumination feeling. Several walls are detached to make best use of the room because the apartments just have small space by integration the living room, dining room and bedroom into single quarter. To divide the dining room and the bedroom, just by place two shelving units through a curtain. Here it is the best apartment decorating pictures from Modern Minimalist Apartment Design Renovation East Village.

    minimalist bedroom apartment renovation east village

    minimalist interior design apartment renovation

    minimalist kitchen interior design apartment renovation

    modern interior design apartment renovation