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  1. Spacious Apartment Interior Design Young Women Style

    March 8, 2011 by newhouseofart

    modern apartment for young woman design

    Clean and simple! This is the simple idea about this modern apartment design for young woman lifestyle.  Vitaly Pavlenko architect, as famous designer made this apartment architecture located in the capital of Belarus, Minsk. The large 1300 sqm apartment purposed for the young family of tow but with their fun children room. The innovative shape corridor apartment walls and creative room partitions created it a unique feature of the room interior decor. Thanks to pretty complicated outline of exterior walls rooms are located in a line on one side of the contemporary corridor. Smooth lines which typify this room made the illusion of a big and spacious living room. The dominant for this apartment layout color selection is white and gray. The variety of its shades creates every part of rooms looks unusual but beautiful. For every room an additional color was added. The comfort living room and the kitchen feature red color elements, the bedroom and the bathroom are designed with green colors, the kid’s room and the small bathroom in orange. The apartment is generally furnished with the Italian and French furniture. Very amazing and I love the decoration very much! via

    minimalist apartment for young woman idea

    luxury apartment for young woman furniture

    kids study room apartment for young woman

    elegant bedroom apartment for young woman

    comfortable apartment for young woman interior

    clean bathroom apartment for young woman

  2. Two Storey Neoclassical Apartment Interior Design

    March 8, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Wooden Dining Rom Neoclassical Apartment

    Hi, NewHouseOfArt readers, in this Thursday, we want to share nice and stunning apartment interior design idea which can be found in Moscow, Russia. This are about two storey apartment designed beautifully with neoclassical style which can be a great inspiration for us. Minimalist but comfortable showing a luxury feel! That is the word’s we can say if we are stay for living at this apartment. Every part of the modern apartment is planned in the matching colors but all of the rooms decorating layout is unusual in its own way. The center of the house first floor is hall through the small living room, dining room and the entertainment room or home cinema. The minimalist bathroom close to the bedroom does not spoil the synchronization of the position as there are no angles otherwise rigid lines. The apartment private zone on the second floor includes a master bedroom, an elegant nanny’s room in the typical English style and a kid’s room. This apartment is a fantastic sample architectures design of neoclassical style. Here is it pictures gallery that we taking for this website.

    Neoclassical Apartment Moscow Russia

    Neoclassical Apartment Interior Decorating Ideas

    Luxury Bathroom Neoclassical Apartment

    Contemporary Neoclassical Apartment Interior

    Comfortable Bedroom Neoclassical Apartment

  3. Modern Small Apartment Cozy Interior West Stockholm NY

    February 27, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Artistic Small Apartment Wall Decor

    This modern small apartment design can be found in Bromma, west Stockholm, New York city. Using about 80 square meters, this stunning house apartment idea is occupied by a young couple with 2 children’s. Each part of the apartment room interior decorating has a personal story, opening with the artwork wall design which can be found all over the apartment building and finish with a personalized footprint right at the door design. The couple reserved the old door furniture’s and parquet flooring and decisive to salvage what they can from the former house and renovate according to their style and taste. The yellow brick villa color schemes from the early 1960s shelters the comfortable rooms in that the family finds time to come together and take pleasure in the balanced cozy interiors. Found on Skonahem, the small minimalist apartment conveys a feeling of a well maintained and moderately paginated innovation. Mixing vintage color elements and contemporary accents, the house ended up looking such as an extraordinarily personal space. The blinds in the elegant master bedroom have lines from the movie Annie Hall and dark colored walls complement the unique staircase, making an artistic style filter for the decorating elements. New House Of Art team want to share with you some pictures gallery for your inspiration. Here is it…

    West Stockholm Apartment Wood Flooring

    West Stockholm Apartment Living Room Ideas

    Unique West Stockholm Apartment Staircase

    Small Apartment Dining Room with Brick Wall Decor

    Minimalist Bedroom Interior Small Apartment

    Kids Play Room West Stockholm Apartment

    Contemporary Small Apartment New York

    Comfortable Kids Bedroom West Stockholm Apartment

  4. Two Level Contemporary Apartment Minimalist Doors Walls Design

    November 7, 2010 by newhouseofart

    comfort master bedroom luxury design

    Located in Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia designed by Edwards Moore, these contemporary two-level apartment interior design ideas is very comfortable with minimal decorative walls and minimalist door furniture design. Called Cubby House is a luxury home living overlooking a public outdoor swimming pool and beautiful natural views. The house lower level features a modern kitchen, large storage space furniture for favorite books and a creative semi-enclosed balcony which performs as part of the living room. The residence upper level consists of private spaces such as luxury master’s bedroom and clean bathroom. Besides there is a contemporary guest bedroom space which also acts as a small kids study room. The entire apartment architecture design concept was to make a continuous space for living rather than regularly separated rooms and floors. The natural palette was selected for the interior decorating to make a feeling of comfort. Reclaimed limed timber, OSB, sisal, Vic ash and white concrete color themes floor look very good together. Check this pictures gallery.

    two level apartment interior design

    simple apartmentment storage space ideas

    public space swimming pool architecture design

    contemporary dining room ideas apartment

    minimalist apartment bathroom decorating

    modern two-level apartment interior architectural

  5. Modern Luxury Apartment House Decor with Beautiful Pool Design Formwerkz Architects

    February 1, 2010 by newhouseofart

    modern house apartment exterior design

    Amazing house apartment architectures design ideas that keep the traditional patterns in these modern lifestyles. In this luxury apartment design pictures gallery display below is one of the greatest beautiful building construction with minimalist interior decorating ideas. The architecture designer Formwerkz Architects has created such a contemporary home in Seletar Estate, Singapore where the design concept idea of cluster living ‘apartments’ with open communal spaces was devised for the multi-generation families living under one roof.  Formwerks Architects thinks that dwelling spaces are natural, consequently, the majority elements were planned to be simply de-mountable and replaceable.  This house design strategy allows room for future growth, because they started bare and simple and minimalist. This is absolutely perfect inspiration for us to build modern contemporary apartment design with luxury interior decor. -via-

    modern house apartment beautiful pool design
    modern house apartment beautiful pool design

    minimalist house apartment architectures
    minimalist house apartment architectures

    luxury house apartment interior decor
    luxury house apartment interior decor