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  1. Modern Banking Headquarter : ANZ Business Office Centre

    June 17, 2011 by newhouseofart

    ANZ businesss centre move hub

    The modern office building of ANZ Business Center is designed by famous Australian architectural headquarters named Hassell. The construction is located on the Yarra River, and absolutely great place with stunning surrounding views.

    The ANZ Centre is an ultra modern architecture banking headquarters which is planned to accommodate 6,500 employees creating it the main single-tenanted commercial office structure in Australia. By means of like a great quantity of people to cater for, the construction has been intended to reinvent the traditional office interior layout. The office designers have integrated ‘hubs’, all developed for specific tasks, through every area given its own feel made by using color and provided a creative name.

    So, how about you? Are you wanted to work at here? The contemporary atrium seems additional such as a mini city than an office structure, innovative natural light filtering from side to side the quarter through comfortable cafe style seating spaces everywhere, in addition to office spaces overlooking the walkway. The utilize of bright color office interiors all over the individually named ‘hubs’ makes unique environments in that to relax, socialize, hold meetings otherwise just recharge for the day ahead.

    In conclusion we have the customer meeting room breakout space, an area wherever you can assist yourself to coffee, bask in the sunlight and get down to business. Very impressive office building!

    ANZ business centre workspace

    ANZ business centre view from atrium

    ANZ business centre play hub view

    ANZ business centre main walkway atrium

    ANZ business centre grow hub stunning view

    ANZ business centre grow and play hubs

    ANZ business centre exterior view from Yarra River

    ANZ business centre create hub

    ANZ business centre common and atrium link

    ANZ business centre client meeting breakout space

    ANZ business centre click hub

    ANZ business centre atrium