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  1. 17 Inspiration Cool Beach House Design Colorful Style

    November 22, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Stunning Beach House Pool

    Modern beach house design inspiration comes in this 17 photos gallery. There is available modern colorful beach house interior decorating that can give you inspiration to build your cool and playful beach home. Every idea in these pictures (house rooms) is very luxury and there is even one that is decorated with sings of piece. Although times of hippies are long gone the residence is motionless a particularly stylish place. One weekend there might help to forget about all problems of adult lifestyle, to become a child once again and to relax as you have never relaxed since your childhood. Beautiful beach house comfortable atmosphere combine with contemporary furniture is really fantastic. One most interesting thing is stripper pole in one of the rooms could easily create some man’s evening very pleasant and fun. Give me your opinion about this modern ocean house interior!

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    Colorful Beach House Dining Room

  2. Modern Venice Beach House Design Minimalist Interior, California

    August 24, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Modern Venice Beach House Architectural Design

    You should check this best ideas modern beach house design architecture located in Venice resort, California. NewHouseOfArt.Com presented 16 beautiful interior and exterior decorating pictures gallery about this home for inspiration. Designed by Lewin Wertheimer architect, this is contemporary home combine with minimalist but luxury living quality design. The residence was stylistically conceived as a hybrid of early innovation, influenced by architects such as Rudolph Schindler, and modern Japanese, Mediterranean and Californian architecture. These home design styles react to the climate of Southern California and the eclectic nature of Venice Beach. The totality surface of this house is 288 square meters (3100 square feet) and its architecture is mesmerizing. Aside from the additional common spaces, this modern family home houses a creative garage for 2 cars, two comfortable bedrooms and a creative guest studio design. Large windows make a strong bond with the exterior facade and permit unobstructed views towards the patio, home green garden landscape, porch and outdoor swimming pool. Every the rooms within the residence are L-shaped and are said to make a three dimensional harmony of form and proportion. More information about this stunning beach house architecture development visit:

    Modern Venice Beach House Wooden Kitchen

    Modern Venice Beach House White Color Facade

    Modern Venice Beach House Unique Bed Furniture

    Modern Venice Beach House Rustic Dining Room

    Modern Venice Beach House Pool Design

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    Modern Venice Beach House Minimalist Room Decor

    Modern Venice Beach House Minimalist Bathroom

    Modern Venice Beach House Luxury Residence

    Modern Venice Beach House Luxury Master Bedroom

    Modern Venice Beach House Living Room Interior

    Modern Venice Beach House Living Room Furniture

    Modern Venice Beach House Exterior Design

    Modern Venice Beach House Contemporary Dining Room

    Modern Venice Beach House Comfortable Bedroom