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  1. 10 Innovative Modern Electrical Home Accessories Ideas

    July 19, 2010 by newhouseofart

    unique swivel socket design

    If you want to buy electrical home accessories for your improve modern house interior design, may be this creative and innovative electrical furniture design pictures gallery can be an inspiration. There are some people like Burakov Denis that believe in drilling messages right into people‚Äôs head. The well-known “ON” switch is indeed a very considerate idea for most of us who forget to turn the lights off. Can be futuristic house design system right? An attractive concept for people fed up with extension chords. This one here is beautiful simple to use. Pinch the sides to open it, provide it a gentle tug and it springs back to its original position. Here are some nifty electrical modern homes accessories that could help you keep the wire mess in check and also surprise a few of your friends. Whether you are a gadget junkie or in a home full of them, you must have scratched your head looking at all those wires lying around or hanging from awkward places. Brilliant design interior concept!

    switch socket system pictures

    recoiling sockets home device

    multi tab functinal electrical furniture

    modern smart 3d pin plug

    innovative cell phone cradle

    futuristic white let outlet photos

    creative hangon outlet design

    black extension chord aceessories

    big clear switch distant view