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  1. Greek Modern House in Hyderabad, India

    June 14, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Hyderabad House- Decorative Outdoor

    In this article, I would like to share my opinion with you about house that adopt modern style and has many contemporary decorative and furniture. The dream house is the Hyderabad house that has been completed designed by Rajiv Saini and his teams. They renovate the house once like the Greek modern sanctuary and remodeled to be like contemporary dream house. This house is located in Hyderabad India. Long time ago, the family of this house is really gave up about the house and almost demolished it.

    The working period of renovating the house took almost 4 years. On the first the architect team hear the request from the residence, they thought that it would be easier to demolish and rebuilt it that to renovate with keep some old historical things in the house. What the residence wanted are live in contemporary house and still have the existing Victorian column embellishments and even grander circular marble spiral staircase. With much brainstorming, both of the architect team and the residence have the problem solving. The main object of this renovation is creating exciting house design that combine the old and modern living.

    After 4 years of brain storming, editing, and building, the family has additional rooms got cantilevered over existing structure. They also has gym rooms that is right overlook the garden. So that while exercise the family will be refreshed by the look of the garden. Renovation also has remodeled the guest rooms. Now, the steel and glass study are attached to the master suite. To make the house better, the architects try to eliminate unused spaces as well as creates many space everywhere its possible. For example, The new dining room was created by enclosing a part of the rear garden while the grand spiral marble staircase was transitioned into a sleek metal and stone one, in a different part of the house. This house is what you really loved to live in the modern city as well as respecting the old memories ago.

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