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  1. Stunning Rustic Modern Mountain Cottage Architecture Design – Quebec

    May 9, 2010 by newhouseofart

    modern mountain cottage architecture

    This one kind of modern and contemporary mountain cottage architecture design which can be perfect inspiration for us. Designed by Canadian architects Blouin Tardif Architecture, which was made an amazing stunning rustic retreat of this mountain chalet plan architectural project in the town of Mont-Saint-Hilaire located in Quebec, Canada. This modern countryside timber home is perfectly positioned in a forest offering wonderful beautiful natural surroundings in each direction. The contemporary cottage design gets advantage of the woods material with its floor-to-ceiling windows that provide each room a direct connection to the outdoors. The mountain cottage interior design is minimalist, clean and combined for a mountain chalet with an open attitude towards contemporary arrangements. It may not give away too much warmth atmosphere at a first glance, but it’s enough to imagine a comfortable and cozy fire and folks gathered up for the feeling to steam up. Apart from the cottage view, this modern home also incorporates natural features such as warm wood ceilings, polished-concrete floors and expansive glass walls decor. A house open concept two storey glazed living room is flooded with natural light decorating while creating the most of the beautiful forest view. Here is it best sample modern mountain cottage architecture design pictures gallery. For more information, visit the designer company website. -via-

    modern mountain cottage living room

    mountain cottage modern kitchen design

    wood contemporary stair mountain cottage design

    minimalist warmth mountain cottage bedroom

    minimalist mountain cottage room interior

    loft interior design modern mountain cottage

    contemporary mountain cottage design

    contemporary dining room mountain cottage

    comfortable minimalist bedroom mountain cottage

    minimalist bathroom interior mountain cottage

  2. Casa Kimball Private Holiday House Architecture Design Domincan Republic

    April 23, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Luxury Casa Kimball Private House

    Designed by Rangr Studio this kind of luxury beach house architecture design is very gigantic and amazing. Named Casa Kimball located in the Domincan Republic it is truly amazing modern house architecture purpose for private retreat vacation home staying at holiday. There some special material for this house architectural project plan such as white coral stone that is so beautiful against the blue sky and ocean. The home architecture designer, Rangr Studio also made the largest window or doors design to pivot effortlessly on ball bearings, with extremely thin frames, created of a South-American hardwood as strong as steel. Two finishes of local coral stone make up much of the wall and floor finish. The lavish contemporary villa design is about 20,000 square feet, and includes two indoor and two outdoor comfortable lounges, a minimalist dining room interior with a view centered on the swimming pool out to the ocean, and an outdoor bar space. Here is it best sample Casa Kimball modern architecture pictures gallery.

    Luxury Casa Kimball Architecture Design

    From the architects:

    Completed December 2008, Casa Kimball is a private beach house get-away and luxury rental villa located on the North coast of the Dominican Republic. Situated on a cliff with a panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean, each of eight full suites has a breathtaking view out to the ocean. The buildings are designed to protect from views of neighboring villas, heightening the experience of the vast horizon beyond. The interior spaces merge with exterior spaces, all of which are designed to allow ocean breezes under shade from the sun, throughout the year. Light at sunset rakes through trees, casting dappled sunlight on the light stone floors in the evening. A long infinity edge pool creates a seamless edge of water in front of the ocean, hiding terraces and a hot-tub at cliff edge that allow visitors to experience the ocean’s roar as waves break on the rocks below.

    Contemporary Casa Kimball Exterior

    Beach House Casa Kimball Design

    Staircase Casa Kimball Interior Design

    Modern Casa Kimball Outdoor Design

    Minimalist Lavish Bathroom Casa Kimball

    For more detail information you can visit the Casa Kimball website. All images are copyright Paul Warchol.

  3. Modern House Design Architecture Orange Weekend Retreat

    October 10, 2009 by newhouseofart

    ultra modern house architecture innovation

    Modern house design architecture innovation idea with minimalist and contemporary concept called Orange Weekend Retreat architect by Nuno Grande and Pedro Gadanho, placed in Carreço, Viana do Castelo. Ultra modern house architectures with uniquely and best selected exterior paint color decorating. Minimizing landscape impacts, plus skipping the legal setback, the major degree “moulds” itself to the site’s topography from side to side the cantilevered additional room of the upper floors. Inside, the white house architectural concrete’s tereotomy criticizes the walls-beams which support the fundamental interior and extend the living room design in the suspended balcony. Here it is the sample photos of modern house design architecture orange weekend retreat.

    ultra modern onterior decorating wall paint

    modern house architecture orange weekend

    modern house architecture orange weekend

    modern home exterior decoration

    contemporary interior decorating pictures