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  1. Glamorous Living Rooms Interior, Fresh Youthful Design Idea

    January 14, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Black White Interior Living Room Decorating Cattelan Italia

    Presented by Cattelan Italia, this is absolutely glamorous living room interior design ideas combined with gorgeous contemporary living room furniture design. Youthful and fresh house interior design with rich color mixtures can create comfortable interior atmosphere. Warm beiges design and crisp white color schemes paired with mysterious black and velvety brown; make this living room have an elegant style. The larger-than-life grandeur of the living rooms comes with Cattelan Italia’s luxury characteristic design attention to detail. Stunning crystal lamp furniture cast sparkle around the living room. Modern sofas are peppered with cozy cushions ready to sink into. Creative house walls and furnishing mix together to provide a feeling of room, and grand framed mirrors add to the effect, brightening the modern living room. Ornate and sophisticated decorating patterns are used sparingly. Free-standing classical sculpture accents the period molding, modern fireplace furniture, innovative staircase design, and other usual features of the living rooms. Here you can get inspiration from this Cattelan Italia living room interior design. Otherwise my be you want know more information available here house interior decor.

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