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  1. 10 Fabulous Modern Living Rooms

    August 15, 2011 by newhouseofart

    white tiled living room design

    After for long days ago, we are searching for new super modern living room designs inspiration to give you new, fresh and absolutely gorgeous home interior decorating idea. The spacious and great living room view is the important element in this design collection. Whether you are interested in the beachy, nautical appear otherwise you are more inspired through Japanese interior furnishings, there is presently concerning incredible for every person in this set.

    stunning living room with balcony view

    stone living room interior

    This fabulous and contemporary, white all-marble living room design suggests color-blocking by means of the pops of yellow, vivid and also purple. This simply furnished room draws more concentration to the neighboring balcony and the streamlined shelves. The cozy atmosphere is very enjoyable. We are truly like the tiled walls and floors of this cream-colored living room. The modern shag rug and funky furniture and lighting add a 1970?s vibe.

    spacious red and white living room

    purple and white living room

    If you are look at the pictures gallery, you will see creative dark brown wood paneled living room that is a super bachelor pad. This minimalistic space with neutral decoration and elegant furniture provides a little pops of color in wall art and a modern chair.

    modern contemporary living room

    The simple door of the attached outdoor courtyard is glass that allocates more light and color keen on the living room. Contemporary Japanese style living room gives low furnishings, a Japanese style ceiling and metal wall art, alongside through bonsai tree accessories.

    living room with internal garden

    These living room walls are create from wood paneling that as well present off a 1970?s vibe but the gold details create it a bit more chic. This sophisticated living room is bold and sharp, through black and white color shades, other than elegant touches like the green curtains, the wall decorations, and etc.

    living room with black and white shades

    This edgy black and white living room by artistic graphic prints on the wall and pillows is pretty stylish and neat. This luxury living room mixes white and red, with a contemporary vibe and angled high ceilings with recessed lighting. It is minimalist yet spectacular. This is a blue and white, nautical, beach house living room entire with striped rug, relaxed white furniture, and beachy wall art deco.

    brown and white living room with car

    blue and white living room

    via: Home-Designing

  2. 19 Fabulous Living Space Interior by Euromobil

    June 9, 2011 by newhouseofart

    white kitchen lighting

    The modern flowing open house interior design idea presented by Euromobil is a great inspiration for us. In this 19 sample pictures gallery shown below, you will notice how clean a living space but also looks luxury in style. Euromobil as a famous Italian design house company give us online catalog regarding their fabulous living space. Arranging importance on open plans which just give the impression to flow from room to room, Euromobil puts forward some stunning concepts which can be used for large spaces or small area. Several of the living room ideas discover single space living where shelving otherwise creative sliding glass doors work as partitions. You will furthermore see lots of unusual touches in them as well as pink colored cabinets, neon under glows, stylish lighting and floor to ceiling kitchen windows. Leave us your opinion about this concept!

    ultra modern kitchen living

    small space open living

    pink blue kitchen living

    open kitchen design

    modern modular living room

    modern living room

    living dining space idea

    living dining room

    kitchen without walls

    kitchen neon underglow

    kitchen living space

    kitchen dining space

    kitchen courtyard design

    gray kitchen interior

    colorful kitchen design

    black white modern kitchen

    bedroom livng space

    beautiful minimalistic kitchen

  3. Modern Living Rom Design Trends 2010 – Home Interior Decorating

    February 10, 2010 by newhouseofart

    stylish living room interior living space furniture ideas

    For this 2010, there are some interesting design ideas for designing living room of your dream house. We present the modern trends living room interior layouts decorating ideas with modern, minimalist, contemporary and luxury design. As we can see in this living room pictures gallery, elegant and comfortable design is the main concept ideas. But, this use small budget because it combine with wooden minimalist furniture. Designing living room is very important for our house interior design atmosphere. The option of colors schemes and home accessories is one of the most significant factors in designing your living space. You need to know what are the primary and tertiary colors and the essential principle of combination them to get better shades. The leather sofa or other furniture that you use and the material they are made of is also an important factor. Apart from that the flooring design which you choose is it marble, tiles or wood it should go with the entire room interior decor.

    minimalist huge space living room idea
    minimalist huge space living room idea

    luxury living room design decor idea centre table
    luxury living room design decor idea center table

    contemporary living room wooden furniture design decor ideas
    contemporary living room wooden furniture design decor ideas

  4. Modern Minimalist Living Room Interior Design Ideas

    September 18, 2009 by newhouseofart

    modern minimalist living room

    Certainly, living room is the central of home and almost of our member family enjoy the time in living room. So, this is certainly needs to have decorating ideas for a living room with beautiful design. Nowadays, many people looking for modern, contemporary, minimalist, but luxury design. Because they are have only small living room, so they do not need living room furniture for living room interior design. Here it is living room pictures design ideas that can inspire you to build your own living room interior

    small living room design

    living room entertainment center design

    contemporary living room interior

    contemporary living room furniture interior