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  1. Modern Patio House Design With Bright Exterior Yellow Facade Architecture

    June 9, 2010 by newhouseofart

    patio villa manor house facade

    First time when I look at this modern patio house design pictures gallery, this bright yellow color schemes architecture design is very sustainable. Designed by VMX Architects, S-House has minimalist and luxury interior decorating ideas. Located in one of the island of IJburg, this is a luxurious residence perfect as house living. In the dream house architectural design two classical typologies are combined such as the modern patio villa and the manor home, or domes. Horizontally the residence has been separated in 3 parts. The house ground floor is intended as a basement, with the creative entrance to the home, the beautiful home storage space, and a large play and hobby room adjoining the house green garden. The contemporary patio with the minimalist kitchen cabinet is an open space on the first floor. The living room with artistic interior and family room, or lounge with a beautiful natural view of the garden and the street, is situated above the kitchen. The top floor of the home is reserved for the master bedrooms and bathroom. The facades of the S-House are clad in bright yellow and white color schemes tiles that clearly set the house apart from all other houses in the same row. For more information, visit the ome architecture designer website. -via-

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