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  1. Modular Modern Perfab House Design Small Family Czech Republic

    October 9, 2009 by newhouseofart

    modular perfab house design photos

    Modular prefab house design ideas with minimalist and modern style designed by Prodesi Architect located in Bast, Czech Republic. This is minimalist small house design for single family house living. With simply live in 80 meters functional floor space; the modular house design make best use of the purpose for its two residents through a strong importance on easy spotless explanation and the mass of the glass exterior. On maximizing the room, the house designer made the residence as a two storey construction, through an exclusive feel, placing the two building blocks placed in across each one other. The house interior design of the construction may be establishing competently prearranged room. The combination of mutually height planes gives simple step. A perceptible characteristic is the wooden interior design more than two floors that ensure steadiness of the building. This is best sample modular modern prefab house design for small family that can be your home design ideas for you.

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    modern modular perfab house interior design

    modern modular perfab house exterior design

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    minimalist modular perfab house design

  2. Minimalist Modular Home Interior Design Vita

    October 8, 2009 by newhouseofart

    vita modular house minimalist interior design

    Modern and minimalist modular house system design called Vita designed by MDF Italia. As we can see, the house interior designs using ultra modern design innovation. This house modular system also consists of shelves and furniture mostly white color depending on how the wealthy can make the holiday decorating may seem that we are something or other. These modules allow us to place them in different ways and at different heights as they conform to our ideas bringing much convenience and are doing that every “x” time can vary the design of the room that we decorated them. And, below the sample home modular decorating pictures Vita with minimalist style.

    ultra modern modular house innovation vita

    modular house design vita photos

    modular home design vita furniture set

    modern modular house design vita

    minimalist modular house design vita